Best Spread Betting Sites In India

One of the most interesting things that can be considered about betting is spread betting. Of course, almost every bettor is familiar with usual single bets, or express bets on usual outcomes. But there is one very interesting type of betting that is called the spread betting. Such bets are available for different sections, such as currency pairs, products, and also sports events. In sports it allows you to bet not only on one team, but on the total outcome – the amount of goals, or the total score.

With this type of betting you will also be able to win more and more with every additional score point. And that is why many people choose it as the main way to place bets. Here you will find all the needed information about spread betting in India. So, let’s start!

Overview of Spread Betting Sites

First of all, let’s speak about the most popular spread betting sites that you can find in India.

There you will find tons of different betting features, including spread betting on many events. And here is the table with some of the best spread betting sites!

IC MarketsThis is a trading website, where you will be able to bet on spreads on currencies and different products. There are more than 60 pairs available on this site.
SpreadExThis is also one of such spread betting sites, that specializes in spreads. That is why there you will find more than 50 pairs and 15.000 instruments for trading and betting.
GFKXAlso a popular trading site in India. It offers 55 different pairs and other spread betting options for all bettors from India.
22betOne of the popular sports spread betting sites in India. For spread betting you will also be able to get 10.000 INR for the first deposit bonus. The website is also available in Hindi.
ivibetIt is a pretty modern website that was created in 2020 and since then also provided spread betting in India. The welcome bonus here is 12.400 INR.
ParimatchIt is a very popular betting site with a long history. It actually has a very huge selection of betting markets. And of course, it is one of the sports spread betting sites. A 12.000 INR Welcome Bonus is also available on the site.
20betA pretty interesting gambling website, where you will be able to bet on more than 50.000 events during the month. Spread betting outcomes are also available for the vast majority of them!

What Is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a derivative strategy, in which participants do not own the underlying asset they bet on, such as a stock or commodity.

As was said, spread betting is not a usual type of betting. As an example, let’s first take the spread of betting in sports because it will be easier to understand. You will not need to choose one of the sides because you will actually bet on both of them. The main aim here is to predict will the total amount of points is higher than the amount, that was set by the bookmaker or betting site.

For example, when you will open the spread betting page, you will see a spread of 2.9-3.1. It shows the total amount of points or goals that are set by the bookmaker. And you will need to guess if will it be higher than 3.1 or lower than 2.9.

How does India spread betting work?

As was just said, when you place a sports spread bet, you will have two numbers that show the total amount of points. If we speak about spread betting on the market, then there you will need to predict where the price will go. Depending on that there are two possible outcomes for betting.  As an example, let’s take the same game with a spread of 2.9-3.1. Let’s imagine that it is a soccer match.

So, if you think that the total amount of goals from both sides will be 2 or 1, then you will need to “sell”. And if you think that the total amount will be 4 or higher, you will need to “buy”. That is what these processes are called on betting sites, but they are also known as “open a position”. 

But everything is even more interesting in odds and winnings in spread betting. Everything is because you will be able to gain more and more money for every goal over or under the spread. The formula for odds is actually pretty simple, it will be the total amount of points with the subtracted chosen spread point. That gives you a chance to get a very high multiplier on your bet!

Spread Betting Companies Compared

Compare the best financial spread betting companies and trade on your favourite spread.

And now let’s speak about spread betting companies, that are connected with betting on different markets and pairs. It will be a good betting opportunity for people who are more interested in economics and not in sports. But it is also important to consider the websites that you choose for betting. Here is an example of two spread betting companies compared!

FeaturesIC MarketsPepperstone
Amount of users180.00089.000
Inactivity FeeNoYes
Amount of pairs6170
Amount of instruments 232100
Minimum deposit200 INR200 INR
RisksSometimes losses can be higher than depositsAbout 75-90% of people lose money while betting.

Advantages Of Spread Betting in India

Spread betting offers both advantages and challenges for Indian investors, making it important to carefully consider the risks and benefits.

Actually, the spread betting feature has pretty a lot of different advantages and positive sides. That is exactly why there are so many bettors in India who choose spread betting. And now let’s discuss the advantages in detail!

Higher winnings

With spread betting, you have a pretty good chance to win a lot of money. It is because the further you get from the spread – the more you get. A very good option for risky and confident people. But always remember that the higher the payment – the higher the risk.

Low commission

Usually, bets on different spread betting sites are usually under a very low commission. It means that you will be able to get almost all the amount of winning. A very good option, if you want to get as much money as possible.


For Indians who bet on spread, it is a very good point because you will be able to use a very high uses leverage while spread betting in India. It means that winning will be higher, but losses will also rise. So, always be careful with high leverages.

Betting in life

If we speak about sports. The spread betting in sports is also available as a live feature. It means, that you will not need to place the bet before the match and that is how you can make your risks lower.


It is about spread betting in total. This feature actually provides tons of options to bet on. The list includes sports, markets, products, currencies, and others. So, spread betting is available for everyone!

How We Choose Spread Betting Sites for Indian Bettors

For every bettor, the palace where you want to place bets is one of the most important points. Everything is because it is a place where you will spend your money and time, and such a place must be reliable and convenient. That is why let’s also discuss how to choose the best spread betting sites. And here are some of the main points that you will need to consider!

  • Convenient interface. One of the most important things when you bet on spreads is to have a convenient and understandable interface. The main problem here is that some site has too complicated interfaces, which makes it hard to understand something.
  • Reliable payments. Of course, when you place bets on spreads, you will also need to deposit money on websites. That is why reliable and fast payment methods are a very important point to consider. Also, look for some methods that are convenient for you.
  • Security. Another important thing is that while betting you need to be safe. Websites must provide security methods to protect you and your data. That is why always look for security methods and protocols.
  • Variety. When you place spread bets you also need to find a good variety of options to choose from, so that it will always be interesting for you, and you can choose different spreads to bet on.
  • Reviews. Of course, it is important to look through the reviews from usual customers about the website. If many reviews say that the website is bad and has a low rating, then you should not create an account on this site. Sometimes even spread betting companies compared in such reviews.

India’s Spread Betting Types

Spread trading is one of the popular trading strategies employed on Indian exchanges.

As in usual betting, you will also be able to find different types of spread betting. Here everything depends on the website, because some of them have more features, and some of them provide customers with fewer betting options. 

And if we speak about sports spread betting, then here everything is pretty simple, and you will be able to make usual spread bets. But with spread bets on products and currency pairs, everything is slightly more complicated. And that is why let’s also discuss the types of bets that you will find on such sites.

Spread Betting on Stocks

It is the most popular type of spread betting in India. And it is connected with the stock market. It is actually a pretty simple type of betting, and to start it you will first need to choose stocks that you want to bet on.

After that, you will be able to bet no two possible outcomes. Will it go higher, or lower the point where you bought or sold? That is a perfect way to enter the spread betting section because stocks are a pretty simple market to bet on.

Spread Betting on Forex

It is also a pretty simple betting market if you want to enter the spread betting. Here you will need to bet on Forex, which actually means that you will be on the global economy. In Forex Spread Betting you will find a pretty good leverage and flexibility, which means that this market will be perfect for new bettors who want to get some more money to move forward. That is why you should choose it as a new bettor, but old bettors also choose Forex because it is a pretty good and convenient option.

Spread Betting on Index

Here everything becomes slightly more complicated. The first thing that you should know is that an index is actually a group of shares that are combined in one group and priced on the market. For example, it can be S&P 500 or FTSE 100. 

To bet here you will need to get more knowledge. Everything is because here you will need to have better risk management skills because the price of index is very complicated. That is why if you do not know anything about it, you will likely lose your money.

Spread Betting on Crypto

It is another type of spread betting that became extremely popular in India and all over the world when cryptocurrencies started to rise. That is why now you can see plenty of them available at spread betting companies. But here everything is also slightly complicated.

The main problem with cryptocurrencies is that their price is very unstable, and it is also extremely hard to predict. That is why you should also always remember about risk management. That is why it can be hard to start with Crypto spread betting if you do not understand specifics.

Spread Betting on Commodities

This is actually a pretty interesting section for spread betting. Everything is because here you will be able to bet on the price of different products. For Indian investors, it is a pretty good chance to get some money. The main point here is that some commodities such as coffee, and others can start to grow in price in a short period of time. That is why if you will catch this moment you will be able to earn a lot. But prices on products can also be not so profitable and sometimes can bring you huge losses.

Spread Betting on Interest Rate

It is one of the most interesting options for people who want to place a spread bet. And here you will be able to place it on the interesting rate directly. The main feature is that the interest rate and the value of the beta are opposite. This means that the value of the bet will grow when the interest rate goes down. And the opposite situation when the interest rate goes up. It is also a complicated option for spread betting.

Spread Betting Minimum Bet Size

It is also a pretty popular question from bettors who want to start spread betting. And here you will not find a straight answer, because everything actually depends on many factors. First of all, every website has its own limits that are set by spread betting companies. Then you should also know that limits in sports spread betting and in market spread betting will be different. 

Usually, when you enter the amount of bet that you want to place it will show you the minimum size of the bet. But to find the information you can also look through the rules of the website or ask the customer support service to tell you about the limit.

Reasons To Choose a Spread Betting Company

We already discussed, that there are pretty a lot of advantages that you will get after you will join the spread betting. But one of the most important is of course about money profits. The key feature is that with one bet you will actually have an opportunity to get a lot of money. That is why many new gamblers also choose spread betting to make the balance bigger!

Spread Betting Regulation

Of course, you should know that spread betting is fully legal in India. And you can place such bets in every region. But one of the main things is that you must be at least 18 years old to use spread bets and create accounts on such websites. Only after that, you will be able to place spread bets on sports and on markets. You should also know that depending on the currency and profits you can also avoid taxes at some point while spreading betting!

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish



Generally speaking, the Spread Betting is actually a pretty good feature for Indian bettors. First of all, if you are connected with sports, then sports spread betting is also available and you will find it interesting. If you want to start betting but not on sports, then spread betting on the market is your choice. It is actually a pretty good way to earn some money, and that is why many Indians choose it. But always remember that it is a very complicated betting option that requires risk management!



Is it legal to bet on spread betting sites?

Yes, of course! If you are 18 years and older, then spread betting is open for you!

What is the top site for spread betting in 2024?

There are actually many spread betting sites, depending on your demands. You can place bets on sports at Parimatch, or use the IC Markets site for spread betting.

Do spread betting companies cheat?

No, such companies and websites do not cheat, because the price does not depend on them.

Is spread betting legal in India?

Yes, of course, it is legal and you can do it officially in India.

What is the best spread betting site to choose?

Everything depends on what are you looking for. For someone, 22bet will be the best place because.

Is spread betting worth it?

Yes, but only if you can deal with risks and you know about risk management!