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What is BetRaja?

BetRaja is not just an information resource. This resource was created specifically for Indian players who love to spend time with pleasure and make money placing bets. Therefore, if you want to know more about internet betting in India, this site is for you. You can think of it as your personal assistant and guide to the world of betting.

We Want to Help You Find out More about the World of Betting!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, here you will definitely find something useful for yourself that will help you enjoy your time and even make money! We will help you with cool betting tips, recommend the best bookmakers on the internet, provide news in the world of betting, and unusual chips that can help you win. In addition, there are tips on how to make bets, deposits correctly, where are the most profitable promotions and the largest bonuses, what is the best way to withdraw funds, which clubs have the highest quality websites and applications, and even how to register without difficulties.

We are Glad to Introduce our Team to You!

Below you can meet those who will put you in the world of betting. The team is small, but these guys are real professionals who will help you find out more. And you won’t be bored with them.

Raja Danish – Editor and Sports Analyst

Raja Danish

Once Raja Danish lived with his parents in a small Indian city. He has adored cricket since childhood and dreamed of becoming a professional player. Everything went perfectly until a knee injury put an end to his dream.

Raja Danish has been sad for a long time, yet finally managed to accept the fact that he would never become a professional cricketer. Eventually, he went to university to study applied mathematics. Nevertheless, cricket has stayed in Raja’s life.  He passionately watched all the matches, attended numerous cricket games, and took a firm interest in the best teams and their success strategies. 

Once Raja placed a big amount of money on the Indian team. He won big and later repeated his success several times. After that, Raja devoted himself to helping amateurs to learn more about the world of betting and sports. Today Raja lives in Mumbai and works as a sports analyst for BetRaja. He feels like a truly happy person!

Favorite sport: Definitely cricket.

Biggest win: 21,000 rupees, after which Raja realized that betting was a legitimate risk.

Favorite quote: “Either play big or not play at all.”

Big dream: Raja doesn’t like to dream, he sets goals and achieves them.

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Anvi Bachchan – Content Writer

Anvi Bachchan

There is a picture of a pretty girl looking at you. In reality, her interests are different from those of many other girls. Instead of posters of handsome actors on her phone, you can find photos of all football players in India. Instead of a large mirror, there is a large monitor for playing games in her room.

In her free time, Anvi Bachchan enjoys playing KS and Minecraft instead of girl talks. Unsurprisingly, taken into account that she grew up with three older brothers who endlessly played computer games.

Once her brothers left the paternal home, Anvi had no one else to share her interests in cybersport. Hence, she decided to give advice to amateurs on the Internet. Today, Anvi actively writes for Betraja. Her focus is on esports and betting.

Anvi wants to help Indian users enjoy esports and bookmaking activities to the maximum. By the way, she can eat half a jalapeno jar at a time! What other girl can do that?

Favorite sport:  If esports can be called a sport, then this is her favorite pastime. Besides, of course, football.

Biggest win: 16,000 rupees on CS. Have you seen this?

Big dream: To go on a date with Nikil “forsaken” Kumavat.

Favorite quote: “In general, I think that life is a computer game. The plot is rubbish, but the graphics are excellent.”

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