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Badminton Betting Sites by Category

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🔍 Most trusted betting site for badmintonBet365
🏏 Badminton betting site for Live StreamingMelbet
📱 Great betting app for badminton1Win
💶 Online rupee badminton betting siteBetway

History Of Badminton

Badminton has originated in India, where the game “Pune” was its prototype. As the time passed, sailors brought this game to England, where it began to gain popularity. However, badminton in its familiar form exists thanks to the English Duke of Beaufort. In 1973, he brought equipment for “Pune” to his Badminton-House estate from a holiday in India. Later, he began to introduce his relatives, friends and aristocratic neighbours to the game. Over time, Badminton Manor became the centre for the development and spread of the game, which therefore received its modern name “badminton”. 

An Overview Of The Rules

Badminton is a type of game played over a net. Before the start, a draw is held to determine the sides and the right to first serve. There are certain service rules: the shuttlecock must be struck from below and the racket must not rise above the server’s waist. It is permissible to use deceptive or false actions when submitting. After serving, players have the right to move freely around their court, but touching the net is strictly prohibited.

A badminton match consists of up to three rounds. Each round is won by the player or team that scores 21 points. When the score is 20-20, players need to gain 2 more points, and when the score is 29-29, they need to gain only one point. The change of sides takes place after the end of the first game, before the start of the third game, or after scoring 11 points in the third game. Breaks are possible in each game, but they shall be no more than 1 minute and provided that one of the parties has scored 11 points. Breaks between games shall be 2 minutes.

Main Info About Badminton

To quickly get an understanding of what badminton is all about, check the table below: 

🇬🇧 Origin CountryEngland (modern game)
📅 Featured for the First Time19th century
🏢 Controlling OrganisationBadminton World Federation (BWF)
Match DurationVaries, typically 20-40 minutes for singles
🏸 PlayersSingles (1 per side) and Doubles (2 per side)
📶 Bookmaker CoverageHigh (especially during major tournaments)
Worldwide PopularityVery High (especially in Asia)
🌎 World CupNot a standalone event
🏆 Olympic DisciplineYes, since 1992
Most popular badminton betting events

Badminton is one of the most popular sports around the world and is presented at various international and national tournaments and leagues, so betting fans have plenty of events to choose from. If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start, check our compilation of the most renowned badminton competitions to bet on.

Summer Olympic Games

Badminton was first introduced at the Summer Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona, and have since been included in the program of each subsequent Games. Initially, competitions were held among men and women in singles and doubles. At the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, mixed doubles competitions were held for the first time. Since that, 5 sets of awards have been awarded in this sport. The competitions are held under the auspices of the Badminton World Federation.

The Sudirman Cup

The world mixed team badminton championship is known as the Sudirman Cup. This championship received its name in honour of Dick Sudirman, an Indonesian badminton player and founder of the Badminton Association of Indonesia. Competitions are held every two years. There are five categories in each round of the championship: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. There is no prize fund for the Cup, players fight for the prestige of their countries and for points from the Badminton World Federation.

BWF Super Series

The BWF Super Series is a relatively new series of badminton tournaments sanctioned by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and held to popularise and promote the sport. It was launched on December 14, 2006, and implemented in 2007. The prize fund for all Super Series tournaments is a minimum of $200,000.

Other Betting Tournaments

In addition to these three most popular badminton tournaments, there are many other equally interesting ones. For example, the BWF organises some of badminton’s most prestigious events: World Championships, World Junior Championships, Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, World Senior Championships, and Para-Badminton World Championships.

How To Bet On Badminton In India?

How to bet on badminton in India

Experienced players know how to bet on badminton, but beginners may have difficulties. To prevent this from happening, follow the step-by-step instructions below:


Choose a platform

Select a suitable platform, be it a website or a mobile application, whatever is more convenient for you. This could be a bookmaker that specialises only in badminton, or the one that offers a variety of betting options.

List of Best Bookmakers in India for Badminton Betting.

Registration and login

Go through a registration process by clicking on the appropriate button, which is usually located in the top right corner. Provide all the requested information, such as full name, date of birth, address, e-mail, and phone number. Create a strong password. Read and accept the T&C of the online bookmaker and confirm the account creation.

To place bets on badminton, you need to create an account with the selected bookmaker.

Top up your balance

Decide on the amount to be deposited into the gaming account and choose one of the available payment methods. Fill in its credentials and confirm the deposit. Also, do not forget to check for available promotions, which can boost your initial bet.

After you make a deposit with the bookmaker, you can start making deposits.

Choose a sport

Go to the “Sports” section of a chosen betting platform and find badminton.

You can find bets on badminton on the bookmaker’s website in the SPORTS section.

Start betting

Select the type of bet as well as the amount of money you plan to spend on it and place your bet.

Once you have found the desired badminton competition and match, place your bet and confirm it.

Bookmaker Bonuses For Badminton

Most reputable bookmakers offer their users various bonuses and promotions, and those specialising in badminton are no exception. One of the most enjoyable and easy to earn rewards is the welcome bonus. Most betting sites have such a bonus, and to activate it, newcomers need only to make a deposit of a particular amount (most often 100 to 200 INR). 

Some of the most common bonus offers for badminton are cashback, deposit boosters, and various benefits from VIP-programs. Before participating in a promotion, players must study all the information available about it on the bookmaker’s website, as well as read through its terms and conditions.

Common Betting Markets For Badminton

Badminton betting guide for bettors

One of the main criteria when choosing a bookmaker is that you have ample access to interesting and lucrative betting markets. This allows players to make advantage of their knowledge of the sport and fully enjoy placing bets on it. Take a look at the most popular badminton betting markets and the reasons why you should pay attention to them.

Player To Win

This bet type is one of the most common and simple. Its essence is to try to predict which of the two players on the field will be the winner. It is available on almost all betting platforms and is offered on both domestic and international events.

Winning Margin

Winning Margin is one of the most popular and profitable bets, so it is available on almost any betting site. The essence of the bet is to predict what will be the score difference between the badminton players. For example, player A will win the match against player B with a 10 point lead.

Team Competition Winner

Badminton team events are gaining popularity, and so is betting on their outcome. This type of bet is virtually the same as a “Player to Win” and involves predicting which team will win. However, if you want your “team Competition Winner” bets to be successful, you need to approach the matter more carefully, since you are betting on two people to win, which implies greater risks.

Badminton Live Betting

Most bookmakers provide in-play betting services, and some of them even offer live-streaming. This type of betting allows punters to make predictions with constantly changing odds as the match goes and its conditions change. In-play betting makes sports betting more interactive and provides an opportunity to evaluate a player or team’s performance before placing a bet as you watch the game in real time.

Undoubtedly, this type of betting increases punters’ emotional involvement in the game, makes them more actively participate and worry about the players. It also allows making more informed predictions, since during the game you can analyse what is happening on the field and take into account the players’ tactics, their form and mood, weather conditions and many other factors.

How To Pick The Best Betting Sites For Badminton

Which Indian betting sites offer badminton markets

Choosing a good bookmaker offering bets on badminton can be difficult as there are plenty of them on the Internet, and not all of them provide quality service. Keep in mind some aspects  parsed below to select the most profitable and reliable bookmaker:

Variety of Bets

Almost every bookmaker offers bets on the winner of the game. However, choose someone who as well offers other types of bets, this will increase your chances of winning and enhance your interest in watching the game.

Live Broadcasts

As with any sport, the ability to place bets in real time watching the game progress via live video broadcast is a huge advantage, so choose bookmakers that offer this feature.

Bookmakers Rating

A good bookmaker is always in touch with its users and allows them to provide feedback about their platform. Therefore, carefully study the opinions of other players about the operation of the site or application, the variety of bets, and other components of betting that are important to you.

Badminton Betting Odds

The goal of everyone who bets on sports is to win as much as possible. And this cannot be achieved without good odds. Winning bets depend precisely on the use of favourable odds. So it is extremely important to use the most profitable ones. Even minimal differences in price add up over time, having a significant impact on the amount of winnings. By comparing the odds offered by different bookmakers, you can choose the best one.

Badminton Betting Tips & Strategies

Tips and strategies for badminton betting

To win big, of course, it is necessary to know the rules of the game and understand the principles of sports betting. But that’s not all, here are a few tips that will increase the likelihood that your bet will be a winner:

  • Consider the players’ stamina. Badminton is a very intensive game, and even though all the players are professionals, they get tired. And you must always remember that not everyone will be able to play at full strength until the very end of the game. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the player’s condition, note how often he drinks water, asks for timeouts, and so on. Taking fatigue into account can help you avoid betting mistakes and secure a potentially winning bet.
  • Monitor the temperature. The speed of playing badminton directly depends on the temperature, which determines how fast the shuttlecock will fly. And even though badminton tournaments are held indoors and the temperature is carefully monitored by the organisers of the competition, it is not always possible to control the increase in temperature. Therefore, taking into account this factor, you can make more successful bets.
  • Plan your bets. Before the event, carefully study which court the match will be held on, which side a chosen athlete will compete on, and sometimes one athlete plays several matches a day, which also needs to be taken into account. Betting planning also includes planning the budget. Thus, to not lose too much money on emotions, draw up your gaming budget and strictly adhere to it.

There are a huge number of payment methods available nowadays, but not all of them are reliable and convenient. Here are some of the best ones:

Payment MethodMinimal Deposit
Skrill100 INR
Paypal100 INR
Bank Wire200 INR
Visa/Mastercard100 INR

Mobile App For Badminton Betting

Many betting operators have fully downloadable betting apps for iOS and Android. Mobile betting is more convenient than on the web-version. An app can be opened by simply tapping on its icon on the screen, while to use the web version you will either have to enter the URL each time you want to use the bookmaker or save it as a bookmark in the browser. 

In addition, in a mobile application, usually all functions are more optimised and data loading is faster. So, if you want to use a special mobile application for betting, some of the best betting apps:

  1. 1win icon logo


    Bonus 500% Up to ₹75,000

  2. bet365 icon


  3. Parimatch icon


    Bonus 150% Up to ₹30,000

  4. 888sport


    ₹2,000 for Sign Up

  5. Melbet icon


    Bonus 100% Up to ₹20,000


✔️ Is Badminton Betting Legal In India?

Yes, betting on badminton is completely legal in India, as long as you choose a licensed bookmaker.

✔️ What Are The Best Badminton Betting Sites?

The best sites are those that offer a variety of events, types of bets, generous bonuses and odds. Some of the best sites include 888sport, 22Bet, bet365.

✔️ Can I Bet On Badminton With A Bonus?

Of course, you can. All top online bookmakers offer a large selection of generous bonuses for all types of betting markets, including badminton. Players can claim their rewards by making your first minimum deposit.

✔️ Where Can I Find The Best Odds For Badminton Betting?

The value of odds is a very important aspect when choosing a bookmaker. The best odds can be found on sites such as WilliamHill, Ladbrokers and Betfair.

✔️ Can I Bet On Badminton From My Smartphone?

Yes, punters can place bets from their smartphones or tablets, as many bookmakers have fully-mobile optimised applications. Just install one of them, create an account and enjoy betting on badminton with the comfort of your mobile device!

✔️ What Types Of Bets Are Popular In Badminton?

Among the most popular types of bets in badminton are player to win, winning margin and team competition winner.

✔️ Who Is The Best Indian Badminton Player Of All Time?

Saina Nehwal is considered one of the greatest badminton players and the greatest Indian athlete. She was the first to win an Olympic medal for badminton in India.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

Raja’s Opinion


Thus, after studying the information presented in the article, you can start betting on such a popular sport as badminton and win money. The most important thing is to choose a reliable and trusted bookmaker that will offer generous bonuses, favourable odds, a variety of betting options and different payment methods. Approach this issue carefully and be sure that your bets will be winning.