Best Horse Racing Betting Sites on the List (2023)

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Top Sites for Horse Racing Betting by Category

📱 Best Horse Racing Betting App10Cric
🎁 Top Horse Racing Betting Site for BonusBet365
📈 Best Horse Racing Betting Site for High OddsBetway
📃 Top Horse Racing Betting Site for a Variety of Bets1xBet
✨ Best Horse Racing Betting ExchangeFun88

The Indian Derby

The Indian Derby is  one of the most popular horse racing events in India and is held at the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai. The event features some of the best horses from around the world and attracts thousands of spectators every year.

Major Horse Racing Events for 2023

The Kentucky DerbyMay 6, 2023Louisville, USA
The Epsom DerbyJune 3, 2023Epsom, England
The Prix de l’Arc de TriompheOctober 1, 2023Paris, France
The Melbourne CupNovember 7, 2023Melbourne, Australia
The Breeders’ Cup World ChampionshipsNovember 3-4, 2023Various locations (USA)
The Dubai World CupMarch 25, 2023Dubai, UAE
The Royal AscotJune 20-24, 2023Ascot, England
The Hong Kong International RacesDecember 10, 2023Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong
The Japan CupNovember 26, 2023Tokyo, Japan
The Cox PlateOctober 28, 2023Melbourne, Australia

How Does Horse Racing Betting Work?

Betting on horse racing is relatively simple. When you bet on a horse race, you are essentially predicting which horse will win the race. You can bet on a single horse or on several horses in a cumulative fashion. The amount of your bet and the odds of winning determines how much money you get if your prediction turns out to be correct. Most betting sites in India offer various payment options and bonuses to help you maximise your potential profit.

When betting, it is important to consider the form of each horse involved in the race. A horse’s past performance can give valuable insight into how it might behave in the current race. It is also important to consider the form of the jockeys as they can have a big influence on the outcome of the race. Also, be sure to research the course and weather conditions before you place your bet.

Horse Racing Markets

Betting on horse racing events in India can take many forms. One of the most popular markets is a win bet, which involves predicting which horse will finish first in the race. You can also make place bets, which involve selecting a horse to finish in either first or second position, as well as each-way bets that involve choosing a horse to finish in the top three.

Other popular markets include forecast bets, where you must select two horses to finish first and second in either order, as well as tricast bets which involve selecting a horse to finish first, second or third. In addition to these standard bets, many bookmakers also offer special promotions and bonuses that can improve your chances of success.

Live Betting on Horse Racing

Live betting on horse racing in India

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular at Indian horse racing events. Many bookmakers now offer the opportunity to place bets on races while they are in progress, allowing you to take advantage of changing odds and capitalise on late developments. This can provide an exciting way to wager on a race as it unfolds, with the potential for significant profits if your predictions are correct.

Top-3 Betting Sites With Live Betting

  1. Betway icon


  2. bet365 icon


  3. william hill

    William Hill

How To Place a Bet on Horse Racing?

There is nothing complicated in betting on horse racing, this process is almost the same for all bookmakers. Read this guide and you’ll be ready:


Step 1

The first step to placing a bet on the horse racing is to choose a reputable bookmaker in India that offers competitive odds and promotions.

Choose a reputable bookmaker in India

Step 2

Once you have chosen your bookmaker, the next step is to deposit funds into your betting account. Most Indian bookmakers accept both bank transfers and debit/credit cards.

Deposit funds into your betting account

Step 3

Once you have funded your account, the next step is to select a race that you want to bet on. Most bookmakers allow you to browse upcoming races or search by horse name or jockey name.

Select the race on which you want to bet

Step 4

After selecting a race, the next step is to choose a market. You can wager on a single horse or multiple horses in an accumulator fashion.

Choose the type of bet

Step 5

Once you have selected your market, the next step is to enter your stake and confirm your bet.

Enter your stake and confirm your bet

Once you have placed your bet, all that’s left to do is wait for the race to finish and collect your winnings.

Promotions & Bonuses

Many bookmakers in India offer a variety of promotions and bonuses that can help horse racing fans maximize their profits. These can include: 

  • Welcome bonus;
  • Free bets; 
  • Enhanced odds; 
  • Cashback offers and more.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of each promotion before opting in to ensure that you are fully aware of how it works.

How To Choose the Best Betting Site for Horse Racings?

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you choose the best bookmaker in India for your horse racing betting needs.

  1. Licensing and Regulation – The first thing to look out for when choosing a betting site is its licensing and regulation. All reputable bookmakers should have valid licences from the relevant authorities in India.
  2. Special Promotions – Look out for special promotions or bonuses that could help you maximise your potential profits.
  3. Customer Service – Finally, it is important to check that the bookmaker has good customer service should you need help with your account or any other issue.
  4. Range of Markets – It is important to check that the bookmaker offers a full range of markets for you to bet on, including win, place and each-way bets.
  5. Live betting – many bookmakers offer the opportunity to bet on horse races while they are running. This can give you the opportunity to take advantage of changing odds.
  6. Payment Methods – Check that the bookmaker offers a range of payment methods, including bank transfers and debit/credit cards.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse racing betting tips for bettors

By following these horse racing betting tips, you can increase your chance of success when betting on horse races in India.

  • Research the form of each horse in a race before placing your bet;
  • Monitor the odds and take advantage of any changes;
  • Consider live betting events;
  • Take time to understand how different betting markets work;
  • Take advantage of customer service if you need help;
  • Consider the weather conditions and course layout before placing your bet;
  • Use popular and secure payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.

Horse Racing Betting Odds

The odds offered on specific horse races depend on the bookmaker. Most bookmakers in India offer competitive odds on all horse racing markets, but it is better to take time and do your own odds analysis before deciding where to bet.

Horse Racing Betting Types

The most popular type of horse racing bet is the win bet, where you are simply betting on which horse you think will cross the finish line first. There is also the place bet, where you can choose one or more horses to place in a race. An each-way bet involves two separate bets: one to win the horse you choose and one to place the horse.

Other popular markets include Forecast (predicting the first two horses to cross the line) and Tricast (predicting the first three horses). By understanding the different types of betting and how the odds work, you will be able to make the right bets that will increase the probability of success when placing bets on horse racing in India.

Best Betting Apps for Horse Racing

Looking for the best horse racing betting app? We’ve done the research and found the best betting apps in India for you. These bookmakers offer a combination of competitive odds, live streaming and exciting promotions, making their apps the best choice for horse racing fans.

  1. bet365 icon


  2. 888sport


    ₹2,000 for Sign Up

  3. Betway icon


View More Horse Racing Betting Apps

FAQs About Horse Racing

✔️ What is horse racing?

Horse racing is a sport in which horses compete against each other over a set distance. Races usually take place at racecourses or tracks and involve two or more horses competing for the first-place position.

✔️ Is horse racing legal in India?

Yes, horse racing is legal in India. However, only a few licensed bookmakers offer horse racing for betting.

✔️ What makes horse racing so popular?

Horse racing is one of the most popular forms of gambling and entertainment worldwide. It combines the thrill of watching powerful horses compete with the excitement of wagering on the outcome.

✔️ How popular is horse race betting in India?

Horse race betting is extremely popular in India. With a rich history and cultural significance, horse racing attracts a significant number of enthusiasts and bettors who enjoy the excitement and potential winnings it offers.

✔️ Can I bet in horse racing from India?

Yes, you can bet in horse racing from India. Although betting laws may vary, there are online platforms that cater to Indian users and offer horse racing betting options.

✔️ What are the best online horse racing sites?

The best online horse racing sites offer a user-friendly interface, competitive odds, a wide range of betting options, and reliable customer support. Some popular ones include Betway horse racing and Dafabet horse racing.

✔️ What are the types of bets available for horse racing?

The most popular type of horse racing bet is the win bet. Other types include place, each-way, forecast and tricast bets.

✔️ Can I watch live horse racing in India?

Yes, most major bookmakers offer live streaming of horse racing events in India. This can provide an exciting way to follow the action and make better betting decisions.

✔️ How to choose horse for betting?

When choosing a horse for great betting experience, it is important to take into account the form of each horse in the race and any special promotions or bonuses offered by bookmakers. It is also important to monitor the odds and consider live betting, as well as researching course layouts and weather conditions before placing your bet.

✔️ What are the best horse racing bets?

The best horse racing bet depends on the individual preferences of each punter. However, some popular bets include win, place, each-way, forecast and tricast bets.

✔️ How many horses are in the race?

Most horse races in India involve between six and twelve horses. However, some races may have more or less depending on the particular event.

✔️ How can I participate in horse racing online?

To participate in horse racing online, you need to find a reputable online platform that offers horse racing betting section. You can create an account, deposit funds, and then place bets on various horse races.

✔️ Can I place sports bets alongside horse racing bets?

Yes, many platforms that offer horse racing betting also provide opportunities to place sports bets. This allows users to enjoy a wider range of betting options and diversify their gambling experience.

✔️ What does ‘nap’ mean in horse racing?

‘Nap’ is a term used to describe the tipster’s best bet of the day. It usually refers to the horse which has the highest chance of winning.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

Raja’s Conclusion


Horse racing betting can be a profitable and exciting activity for a great betting experience, especially when done with the right knowledge. With these horse racing betting tips, you should now have the necessary information to make informed decisions when placing your bets on best Indian horse races. Remember to find competitive horse racing odds and take advantage of any promotions or bonuses that betting sites offer to maximize your winnings.