How We Rate and Rank Bookmakers

In the modern world, betting on sports has become an integral part of many people’s lives. And no wonder, because the opportunity to earn a considerable amount of money with the help of a correctly made bet is undoubtedly attractive. However, in search of favourable offers, it is difficult not to get confused in all the variety of bookmaker’s offices. 

To help you make a choice and avoid mistakes, we offer you a guide to evaluating and rating bookmakers. Here you will find useful tips and recommendations that will help you make an informed choice and find a reliable and trustworthy bookmaker. The criteria we use to evaluate bookmakers are based on the experience and knowledge of experts in the field of sports betting. We analyse such factors as reputation, reliability, quality of services offered, line and odds, availability and quality of customer support, speed and security of financial transactions, as well as the presence of bonus programs and promotions. 

Our goal is to help you make the right choice and enjoy safe and convenient online gambling. We constantly update our rating so that you always have access to the most up-to-date information about reliable and top-rated bookmakers.

Licence and Security

When evaluating and rating bookmakers, there are a number of criteria that are important for every player. One of these criteria are the availability of licence and security: 

  • Licence is issued by a competent authority, such as gambling regulators or gambling commissions. Obtaining a licence requires meeting certain standards, including ensuring fair play, protecting the interests of players and complying with regulations and legislation. Having a licence is an important signal to the player that the bookmaker is operating in accordance with the law and the rules of the industry. 
  • Security is an important criterion that helps to determine the reliability of a bookmaker. It means that the bookmaker ensures the safety of the player’s personal data and financial transactions. Data security involves the use of robust security systems to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of information. Financial transaction security involves the use of encryption and other technologies to protect money transfers and secure a player’s banking information.

Providers that are licensed, use advanced technology, and have a good reputation for security usually score higher in the rating process.

Reputation and Users’ Feedback

One of the most important criteria we are guided by when evaluating and rating bookmakers is their reputation and user reviews: 

  • Bookmaker’s reputation is a kind of marker of the quality of its work and reliability. We analyse how long it has been on the market, its position and role in the industry, the presence of official licenses and regularity of payments. Bookmakers with an impeccable reputation have an excellent history, guaranteeing the reliability of their services and trust from users.
  • User reviews play a significant role in determining the reputation of bookmakers. We closely study reviews from real people who have experience with a given bookmaker. Before making final conclusions, we analyse both positive and negative reviews to get an objective picture of the bookmaker’s performance. Advantages and disadvantages, the usability of the platform, the range of bets and events offered, the speed of bet processing and the importance of reputation payout issues. These are all factors that users evaluate and share their opinions. However, when analysing reviews, we also take into account possible manipulation and fake reviews. Such practices have an extremely negative impact on the reputation of the bookmaker and lead to a drop in the rating.

User-Friendly Website

Website usability is one of the key criteria by which we evaluate and rank bookmaker’s offices. When a user visits a bookmaker’s website, he or she also needs to navigate comfortably and perform various tasks such as searching and placing bets. When evaluating the usability of a website, we pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Interface and design. A clean, well-organized and intuitive interface allows users to quickly find the necessary information and perform the required actions. A well-designed website with clear and easy navigation is rated higher.
  • Speed. Fast loading pages, instant data submission while placing bets are important factors for user-friendliness. No one wants to waste time waiting for pages to load or delay while registering bets.
  • Mobile adaptation. Nowadays, many users prefer to place bets using mobile devices. Therefore, the usability of the site on different mobile platforms (Android, iOS) is another important aspect we take into account when evaluating.

Availability of Mobile Application

One of the criteria we use to evaluate and rank bookmakers is the availability of a mobile application.

The mobile application allows users to bet at any convenient time and in any place, without restrictions. It provides all the necessary features and functions that are present on the bookmaker’s main website. This includes viewing up-to-date odds, different types of bets, balance management and betting history.

When we evaluate the presence of a bookmaker’s mobile application, we take into account several aspects:

  • The usability of the app. This includes an intuitive interface, fast loading pages and ease of navigation. The user should be able to easily find the necessary information and make bets in a few touches.
  • Availability of all the necessary features in the app. The use of a mobile application should not be limited to sports betting only. The bookmaker should provide the ability to view betting history, manage personal account and funds, as well as offer additional features such as viewing statistics, predictions and forums.
  • Running the app on different mobile devices and operating systems to make sure that it is compatible with most devices in the market.

Sportsbook and Markets

When it comes to evaluating and rating bookmakers, our team is also guided by such criteria as sportsbook and markets:

  • Sportsbook is a section of the platform with all events and betting lines offered by a bookmaker. We analyse what sporting events and tournaments the bookmaker offers and what types of bets are available to punters. A good bookmaker should offer a wide range of events and a variety of betting markets. We also assess how accurate and updated the sportsbook is so that players can bet on current events and changes in real time.
  • Markets are the betting segments available to punters. We examine the number of markets available and their variety. The more markets a bookmaker provides, the more opportunities players have for a variety of bets. We also evaluate the size of the odds offered on different markets because competitive odds allow players to get more winnings.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are one of the main criteria we take into account when evaluating and rating bookmakers. When evaluating bonuses and promotions, we take into account the following criteria:

  • Conditions to claim. We analyse how easy or difficult it is for a user to get a bonus or participate in a promotion. The more accessible and transparent the conditions, the higher is the bookmaker’s rating.
  • Size and type of bonuses. We take into account both the size of the bonus and its type. For example, if a bookmaker offers a variety of bonuses and promotions, it can get a higher rating.
  • Attractiveness for the client. We assess how attractive a bonus or promotion might be to a potential customer. For example, offering a free bet on a popular sporting event may be considered more attractive than a bonus of 15 free spins on an unpopular slot.
  • User Experience. We also consider the usability and reliability of the bonus and promotion system. The easier and more convenient it is for the user to participate in the promotion, the higher the bookmaker’s score.

Payment Speed and Limits

The ease and speed of depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as payment limits, are important factors for many players, which is why we pay special attention to these aspects:

  • Payment speed is the time it takes to process a deposit or withdrawal request. A good bookmaker should have a fast payment processing system so that players can deposit or withdraw winnings instantly. However, not all bookmakers can provide this processing speed, so we rate them based on the actual time it takes to complete payment transactions.
  • Payment limits are the maximum amount allowed for deposits or withdrawals. Limits may be different for different payment methods or for different users depending on their status. A good bookmaker should provide reasonable limits so that players can freely manage their finances and be able to deposit or withdraw the amount they need. We compare the limits of different bookmakers and assess whether they meet the needs of players.

Bookmaker’s Features

When evaluating and rating bookmakers, several criteria are considered to reflect the features of their services. Some of the key criteria for evaluating bookmakers include in-play betting, live-streaming, match statistics and betting odds.

In-Play Betting

One of the key criteria for evaluating bookmakers is the availability of a wide selection of in-play betting. This means that the bookmaker provides players with the opportunity to place live bets during matches. Such bets allow players to analyse the current situation and react to changes in the game, which is very much appreciated by users.

Live Broadcast

Another important feature of the bookmaker is the presence of live broadcasts of sporting events. A good bookmaker provides players with the opportunity to watch the matches they are betting on. Live broadcasts help players to make more informed decisions and have a clearer picture of the current situation in the game. Such an aspect makes the bookmaker’s rating higher.

Match Statistics

Another important feature is access to match statistics. Bookmakers providing their customers with access to extensive statistical information about teams, players and previous matches allows players to make more informed decisions when placing bets. This allows punters to analyse past results, team form and other factors that can influence the outcome of a match.

Betting Odds

Betting odds are also important when evaluating bookmakers. A good bookmaker offers competitive odds that reflect the realistic chances of the outcomes of events. Players want the highest possible profit from their bets, so bookmakers with high betting odds are considered more attractive.

Customer Support

The bookmaker’s customer support service should be available 24/7, allowing customers to ask for help at any time of the day or night. It can be provided via phone, email or online chat on the bookmaker’s official website. The more communication channels provided to customers, the better.

Evaluation of customer support is based on several criteria:

  • Response time. Customers expect a quick response to their queries. Good customer service should respond within minutes. If a customer has to wait for hours or days, it can negatively affect the overall perception of the bookmaker.
  • Quality of service. Support staff should be polite, friendly and competent. They should answer the clients’ questions competently and understandably, help them to solve problems and solve technical difficulties.
  • Availability of the support service in different languages. Bookmakers with an international client base should provide support in several languages. This will ensure comfortable communication for customers whose native language is not English.

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