Best Betting Exchange Sites in India

After reading this article, you will know about the top 10 betting exchange sites in India. Each of them has its own unique design and its own unique features. So you will learn all about betting exchange. You will be able to familiarise yourself with each of them and choose the one that suits you.

Best Betting Exchange Sites in India (2023)

Wagering on various sports events offered by the betting exchange enables players to experience the thrill of betting online and increase the possibility of making a tremendous amount of money. You should know that there are several other benefits that you can enjoy with placing your bets. With such perks, players can make a huge amount of money compared to gambling.

  1. Parimatch icon


    Bonus 150% Up to ₹30,000

  2. 4rabet icon


    Bonus 200% Up to ₹20,000

  3. Melbet icon


    Bonus 100% Up to ₹20,000

  4. Mostbet icon


    Bonus 100% up to ₹25,000

  5. 1win icon logo


    Bonus 500% Up to ₹75,000

  6. small version of the megapari logo.


    Bonus up to ₹39,000

  7. purewin logo small.


    Welcome Bonus ₹10,000

  8. helabet small logo.


    100% UP TO ₹8000

  9. small logo of leon.


    Sport Bonus 100% up to ₹20,000

  10. 1xbet icon


    100% up to 20,000 INR

In this, players are wagering their bets using the sports knowledge learned throughout their life. Players should know that betting exchanges do not limit bettors to place their bets, but you need to ensure that you have sufficient amounts of money in your betting account while placing your bets. Moreover, you must also develop a solid strategy before placing your bets, as it will ensure risk-free betting. There are some smart reasons why you need to select the best exchange available in India.

  • It offers incredible odds.
  • You have the flexibility to choose any odd you want.
  • It provides a wide range of selections and markets.       
  • You have the flexibility to bet during ongoing sports events.

What Are Betting Exchange Sites?

Betting exchange sites are places online where people can bet against each other instead of against a bookmaker.

Betting exchange sites are places online where people can bet against each other instead of against a bookmaker. They offer odds that are better than standard betting sites and a wide range of markets and sports. 

Bet exchanges don’t have to follow the same rules and limits as traditional bookmakers. This means they can give better odds, more options, and more ways for the user to get an edge in their betting strategies. People can also trade their positions in a market on a betting exchange. This lets them take advantage of market trends and any possible gains or loses in a certain event. 

One of the best things about betting exchanges compared to regular sites is that users can bet against each other without worrying about their privacy. When it comes to setting odds for certain events, many standard bookmakers often have their own goals in mind, which can lead to a conflict of interest. With exchanges platforms, however, these problems don’t happen because users can set their own odds without worrying about being manipulated or given special treatment by those who set the odds. 

Aside from giving bettors more freedom, betting exchanges also give them access to data and statistics that can help them make better betting choices. This lets them see how different markets work in real time and makes it easier for them to make decisions about which bets will pay off in the long run.

Review Top-5 Betting Exchange Sites in India

Tried and tested betting exchange sites with detailed reviews, comparisons, and guides - read our ultimate guide to learn all about betting exchanges!


Parimatch is one of the best betting exchange sites in the world. It lets customers bet on a wide range of sports markets. The site is known for having good odds, a wide range of markets, and an innovative trading tool that lets users change their strategies to win as much money as possible.

  • ✔️ 24/7 customer support
  • ✔️ Innovative trading platform with custom strategies
  • ✔️ Competitive odds
  • ✔️ There are many sports markets
  • ❌ Limited coverage on some sports leagues in India


Fun88 is an internet betting exchange that lets people bet on a wide variety of sports and games. It stands out from other betting sites because it has good odds, a wide range of markets, and an innovative trading tool that lets users change their strategies to win the most money. Fun88 also has quick deposits and withdrawals, and it works with many different currencies, languages, and payment ways.

  • ✔️ Competitive odds and extensive selection of markets
  • ✔️ Innovative trading platform
  • ✔️ Fast payments and withdrawals
  • ✔️ Regular promotions and bonuses
  • ❌ Limited customer service
  • ❌ Lack of live streaming options


Dafabet is an online betting exchange that is based in India. It lets people from all over the world play a range of sports and casino games and watch them live. Dafabet also lets its customers take advantage of a variety of discounts, bonuses, and specials. The site also has its own mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, so users can make bets while they’re out and about. Dafabet also gives email support, phone support, and online chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • ✔️ Betting is fair and safe because of strict government control
  • ✔️ Safe ways to deposit and take money out of your account
  • ✔️ Large number of sports, casino games, and live streaming
  • ✔️ Competitive odds and great bonuses and awards
  • ✔️ It’s easy to get to via apps for iOS and Android phones
  • ❌ Limits on how much you can deposit or withdrawal
  • ❌ Not many ways to contact customer service


IndiBet is an online betting exchange where people can bet on sports and other events. It has a wide range of markets and features, such as live streaming for many sports, a “in-play” option for people who like to bet while the action is happening, and “cash out” choices that let users take their profits or cut their losses before a match or event ends. IndiBet also has great customer service. Support teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help players with any questions or problems they may have.

  • ✔️ Lots of markets and games to choose from
  • ✔️ In-play betting option available
  • ✔️ Excellent customer care with dedicated support teams
  • ❌ The limits for betting on some games are low
  • ❌ Not a lot of bonuses and special offers


FairPlay is an online betting exchange site that lets people bet on sports and other events in a safe and fair way. It lets users make their own betting markets, set their own odds, and take bets from other users. FairPlay doesn’t charge any fees or commissions to place or settle bets, unlike standard bookmakers.

  • ✔️ Low Commission Charges
  • ✔️ Easy To Use Interface
  • ✔️ Secure Platform
  • ✔️ Multiple Betting Options
  • ❌ Limited Sports Offered
  • ❌ Limited Payment Options

The Working Of Betting Exchanges

The Working Of Betting Exchanges

Since the concept was introduced in 1999, you should know that the betting exchange has a considerable impact on the betting industry. A betting exchange is one of those online websites, which matches gamblers who want to place their bets and enable them to wager on the various event results using laying and backing. In simpler terms, betting exchanges allow players to back a team or gambler to win, while on the other side, players can play the similar game for a team or gambler to lose.

You should know that punters have the flexibility of placing their bets on positive and negative outcomes. Betting exchange websites allow users to set their odds on the possible outcome, unlike other sports betting sites. Moreover, you can even buy the best odds available on the market and let you fix the amount of money you are ready to use while wagering.

The number of players using laying and backing will determine the odds offered on a particular bet. You should remember that the more liquidity is in the betting market, the more competitive odds will be provided.

Cricket Betting Exchange Sites vs Regular Bookmakers

When betting with a bookmaker you are restricted to just backing the winner, however betting exchanges allow their users the ability to both 'back' and 'lay' an outcome

Cricket betting is becoming an increasingly popular hobby for many fans of this sport. Bettors can now choose between traditional bookies and cricket betting exchange sites, thanks to the rise of online betting platforms. Both provide different benefits to their users, so knowing the differences is key for those who want to place a successful bet.

Betting exchanges are less handy than regular bookmakers. Most of the time, regular bookmakers offer odds on each market that have already been set. These chances are often better than what the exchanges offer. This makes them a great choice for people who have never bet on cricket before but want to start. The bookmakers also offer a wide range of extra markets beyond match winners and scorers, including special offers such as ‘most sixes’, ‘highest start partnership’ or even ‘man of the match’.

The odds on cricket betting exchanges are not set by the sites themselves. Instead, they act as middlemen between two players who want different results. The client can decide how much he wants to bet on either side of the market. This gives him the freedom to trade during the game if he needs to. Also, because of how exchanges price their bets, there are usually fewer limits on how much you can win with each bet than with bookmakers. This can be helpful for experienced bettors who are sure enough in their predictions to risk large amounts of money with each bet.

Basics Of Betting Exchange

A betting exchange is an online platform where gamblers can directly place bets against each other and set odds themselves as opposed to against a traditional bookmaker.

The betting exchange was introduced several years ago, and it is different from the standard betting sites available across the world, which provide a unique betting experience to its users. Before you think about using the betting exchange, you need to know about the basic information regarding the working of these websites.


Backing refers to placing bets on something, which is likely to happen in the future. For instance, a horse, a sports team, or a punter to win the bet.


Laying refers to placing your bets on something, which is not likely to happen in the future. For instance, if you place your bets on the triumph of a cricket team, and if they lose the match or the game gets drawn, then you will win the bet.

Match Betting

Match betting refers to the process of placing various bets, which include all the outcomes of a game.

How To Use Betting Exchange Sites?

Traditional bookies can also be found on betting exchange sites. Here are some suggestions for using these sites:


Sign up for an account

Before you can place any bets, you must first sign up for an account on the exchange site. This gives you access to all of the markets and services that are available. To put money into your account, you will need to give some basic information about yourself and a way to pay.


Choose the right market

Once you’ve logged in, you can look through the list of available markets, which can be sorted by type. (e.g., match winner, run scorer etc). Make sure you take the time to learn as much as you can about each market before choosing which one is best for your bet.


Check the odds

Betting exchanges don’t set their own odds; instead, they let customers bet on either side of the market, with different stakes and prices offered by users on the opposite side of the bet. Make sure that you check all the odds carefully before committing any money and adjust your stake properly if necessary.


Place your bet

To place a bet on an exchange site, just pick the result you want back and enter your desired stake amount in the box given. The website will then show a confirmation screen where you can check all of your selections and review them before submitting your wager.


Monitor prices during game time

Exchange sites let customers trade during the game if they want to. This gives them more freedom than regular bookies, who usually only take bets before the game starts. This gives experienced gamblers more control over their bets and the chance to make more money based on how the game goes and how the prices change during its length.

Payment Options at Betting Exchange Sites

Customers can add money to their accounts on betting exchange sites in a number of ways.

Customers can add money to their accounts on betting exchange sites in a number of ways. Most places accept credit cards and debit cards, with Visa and Mastercard being the most popular. Customers can also deposit money straight from their bank accounts using a wire transfer or an e-wallet service like Skrill. People who want to make transactions that are more safe and private can also use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Deposit Methods

Regardless of which payment method you choose, you should be aware that all payments are subject to a minimum amount. This is done so that the exchange can cover the transaction fees and other necessary expenses. You can get acquainted with the list of available payment methods in the section “Payment methods” on each of the sites.


In most cases, withdrawals can be made using the same payment method that was used to fund the account in the first place. This may take several days depending on the service provider. In addition, the betting exchange places limits on the amount you can withdraw at one time. Usually it is 10 Indian rupees, but this may change depending on your country’s regulations.

Overview of the Betting Exchange Applications

Many people use sports betting exchanges. Not only the trading software can be helpful sometimes, but also the mobile app, especially when we have to leave the house for some reason when there is a game in process on which we are trading.

In the past few years, betting exchange apps have become more and more popular because they make it easy, safe, and open for people to place bets. These apps are made to make it easier for users to bet on sports, horse races, and other forms of gambling. They provide a site where bets can be placed on a wide range of events. Most of the time, these applications use complex algorithms and software to make sure that all bets are handled correctly and safely. Also, most modern betting exchange apps have features like cash-out options, parlay options, and live streaming services that make gaming more complete. 

Betting exchange apps have completely changed the online gambling industry by giving both casual and professional bettors a system that works very well. The advanced features and easy-to-use design of these apps have made them one of the most popular ways to gamble online today.

TOP-5 Betting Apps with Best Exchange

  1. Parimatch icon


    Bonus 150% Up to ₹30,000

  2. Dafabet icon


    Bonus 200% Up To ₹20,000

  3. Indibet


  4. 1xbet icon


    100% up to 20,000 INR

  5. Fairplay

    300% First Deposit Bonus

Types of Bets at a Betting Exchange

There are two types of bet on the betting exchange: Win - this is where you back a team to win a particular event and Lay - this is where you become the bookmaker.

Bettors in India can choose from a wide range of betting choices at betting exchanges. Single bets, multiple bets, and system bets are the most common types of bets that people make. 

  • Single bets are the easiest to make because you only have to pick one team or person to win. They can be put on any sports market from the start with set odds. 
  • Multiple bets include more than one choice in a single wager, and you have to be right about all of your choices for your bet to win. These could include accumulators, lucky 15s, trixies, inventions, and other games. Some multiple bets also let you get your money back if only a few of your choices win. 
  • System betting involves more than one multiple bet in the same bet, and at least two of your choices must win for your bet to pay out. This kind of bet is also called a “combo” or a “accumulator.”

Betting Exchange Sites: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of exchange betting when compared to traditional sports betting.
👍 Betting platforms are a great way to find a lot of different ways to bet. There are markets for almost every type of player, including single bets, multiple bets, system bets, and spread bets.👎 The biggest disadvantage of using betting exchanges is that you must be very careful with staking limits as these are often lower than those offered by traditional bookmakers.
👍 With a betting exchange, you don’t have to wait for the game or event to end to cash out your gains. This will help you a lot if the match goes against you before it’s over.👎Some markets may not be available on certain betting exchange sites due to liquidity issues as these sites rely on other punters trading in order for them to offer markets and provide competitive odds.
👍 Bettors who use betting exchanges have more control over their stakes because they can set their own odds and better handle their risk.


📌 What are the best betting exchange sites in India?

The most popular sites for users from India at the moment are:

  • Parimatch;
  • Fun88;
  • Dafabet;
  • Indibet;
  • FairPlay.

📌 Are betting exchanges legal in India?

Each of the companies that are suggested in this article have all the necessary licenses and are regulated by governments. Therefore, you can be sure that all these companies are completely legal in India.

📌 Can I bet on all sports through these betting exchanges?

It depends on the companies themselves, some of them provide more than 30 sports and in each of these companies you will find the most popular sports in India such as cricket.

📌 Is Betfair available in India?

At the moment you will not be able to use Betfair’s services, however you can use a mirror to log into it or use other sites that provide similar services.

📌 What is the difference between betting exchange and a regular sportsbook?

You can bet on the result of sports games both on betting exchanges and in ordinary bookmakers. The main difference between betting exchanges and regular bookmakers is that betting exchanges allow people to bet against each other while regular bookmakers are run by bookmakers who put their customers at risk. On a betting exchange, users can act as their own bookies, setting their own odds and then betting against other users. This means that the odds are more competitive than at a regular bookmaker as users can set their own profit margins.

📌 How can I request my own odds on the betting exchange?

It’s pretty easy to ask for your own chances on a betting exchange. All you have to do is find the right market, choose the outcome you want, put in the amount you want to bet, and hit “Make Offer.” Then, other people will be able to accept or turn down your offer.

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