Best Live Betting Sites in India (Updated)

One of the most interesting methods of online sports betting has always been live betting (also known as in-play betting). In accordance with how the game is progressing, you can place bets in real-time, whether it be on the next goal or another event in the game. To get the best results in in-play betting, there are many factors to consider, as the game can unfold at any moment!

The top betting sites in India with rapid withdrawal options should always be your first choice when seeking for places to place livebets. In this article, we will break down such sites in detail.

Top 15 Live Betting Sites in India

Nowadays, most betting sites offer live betting services. The live betting section’s calibre might not, however, always be the same. As a result, you will see the top betting websites in India, their features, and live betting advice you might require in this comprehensive guide to live betting sites.

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Pros & Cons of Real-Time Betting

In-play betting sites pros and cons

In-play betting has its pros and cons, just like any other form of betting online. To help you decide whether or not you want to try live betting the next time you play, let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of utilising live betting sites in this section.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages listed below!

  • ✔️ Increase the excitement, place your bets while you watch
  • ✔️ Quick betting allows you to see the result of your wager in a matter of minutes
  • ✔️ Predict the outcome of the contest to increase your betting options
  • ✔️ Live betting websites typically provide a ton of promotions for live betting
  • ✔️ Changing odds: Bet on the constantly shifting live odds
  • ✔️ Some betting websites offer live-streaming possibilities
  • ❌ Due to the abundance of betting alternatives, it is simple to exceed your intended spending limit
  • ❌ An in-depth understanding of the sport is very necessary to place swift live bets
  • ❌ Live betting necessitates quick judgement calls, which may not be to everyone’s taste

Features of Live Betting

Benefits of Live Betting in India

Many betting sites offer additional options like live streaming, cashouts, and virtual live feeds to improve the live betting experience for their customers.

These functions act as live betting instruments that help us place bets in real-time. Live betting features can increase your chances of winning significantly when used correctly. Let’s discuss the various live betting features in detail in this section and go over exactly what to watch out for when betting live.

In-Game Stats

Every live betting service provides a numerical depiction of what is happening in a live match with in-game metrics, which are exactly what they sound like. When you are not watching the game firsthand, they are very crucial.

For instance, you can always find thorough in-game stats for live football betting, including the number of shots on goal, ball control, cards, corners, attacks, saves, passes, fouls, and many other things.

Some websites, like Betwinner, offer text commentary that provides play-by-play information about live games. Additionally, you will be able to see general data like team lineups, head-to-head matches, and most recent forms. You will be better prepared to make precise live forecasts by thoroughly reviewing these statistics.

Multi-Live Betting

A fantastic live betting option called “Multi-Live Betting” is available on the majority of fantastic live betting websites. Multi-Live Betting, as you might have guessed from the name, enables a user to place live bets on multiple live matches.

This somewhat daring live betting function is provided by betting companies like 1xBet and Betwinner. The Multi-Live Betting function might be really helpful if you wish to wager on two or even three live games at once.

However, managing a lot of live bets at once can be exceedingly challenging. Consequently, pay great attention to those statistics at all times!

Live Streaming

You may watch games live and in real-time thanks to the live streaming option. It’s identical to watching live sports on television. Live streaming allows you to watch the actual game live on your screen, as opposed to in-game statistics and virtual live feeds, which only display figures and graphs.

When you watch live matches online, you can make informed live betting decisions since you have first-hand knowledge of what is happening on the field. Of course, streaming serves entertainment functions in addition to live betting.

You may always watch your preferred sporting event on your betting website if you don’t have access to any sports streaming services. However, there are quite a few extremely decent live-streaming betting sites available to Indian gamers. This function is not available on many websites due to the financial and technological constraints of setting up a live-streaming service.


Perhaps the most crucial live betting function you’ll ever require is the cashout! It’s a great live betting feature to be able to cash out your bets and get your winnings before the event you’re betting on is over.Depending on how well or poorly your bet is doing, the value of your cashout amount may be higher or lower than your initial wager. Instead of waiting for the game to end and running the danger of any last-second mistakes, you can choose to cash out when your wager is performing well and you are extremely near to winning.

On the other hand, if your wager is underperforming, you can be given the choice to cash out and receive a payout that is often less than your original wager. At least you get to reduce your losses and get some money back rather than seeing all of your money disappear.

Virtual Live Feeds

One benefit of live betting is the ability to view virtual life feeds of any sport that is taking place, wherever in the world.

Even the most esoteric sports, like volleyball or table tennis, can be gambled on life by observing how the game is progressing and generating projections in line with that. You will receive minute-by-minute updates on the game, enabling you to bet with greater assurance.

One-Click Bets

The 1-Click bet placing technique enables live bets to be placed on particular odds with the customer’s preferred stake with only one click. The customer determines the standard stake. Customers have the option of setting their own standard stake or selecting from predetermined quantities.

How To Bet on Live Matches in India?

Betting on games in real-time is really simple! The time it takes to learn how to start live betting is less than ten seconds. Lets find out how to make a live bet:


Step 1

Become a member of a live betting website.


Step 2

Look for the live game section.


Step 3

Locate the “Live” choice.


Step 4

Place a wager on favourite sports.


Step 5

Win and cash out!

Best Sports for Live Betting

Some of the best sports for in-play betting

There are some sports that players are more interested in than others, even though live bets can be made on a number of sports. Here are some of the most well-liked sports for in-play wagers, along with the markets that are available:

Football Live Betting

The most popular live betting sport is probably soccer, or football as it is usually called. Bettors can bet on a match result, on what the next team will score, on the total number of goals, on the number of corners and on Asian Handicap on matches from around the world. Numerous live football markets are being established, whether they are from the English Premier League, World Cup, or UEFA Champions League. Even though the Indian soccer landscape is still developing, Indian punters have long enjoyed the popularity of the game.

Cricket Live Betting

It should come as no surprise that cricket dominates recommended bookies because many Indian sports fans live and breathe the game. The next wicket’s manner, the highest run scorer, the overall runs, the outcome of the game, and the number of sixes are all subject to wagers. There are matches from both international and domestic events for Test, One Day, and T20.

The best online cricket betting bookmakers should offer users a modern platform with all the latest features such as in-play betting. The player should be able to place real-time live cricket bets as well as get updates on the action on the field, pertinent statistics, commentary, and even a graphic representation of the game.

Tennis Live Betting

Tennis betting is entertaining enough on its own, but the true rush comes from being able to wager on every serve and every match. Numerous betting companies offer tennis live betting, which enables you to make precise predictions about the game’s outcome in real-time. You may have a great opportunity to earn money if you predict that the set will go to a tiebreaker. In addition, a lot of these live betting sites show a few high-profile matches live so you can watch some top-notch tennis in addition to wagering your Indian rupees on the appropriate player.

Finding a reliable tennis betting site is just as important as choosing the right betting markets and determining which matches, players and competitions offer the best value for money. At the end of the day, Rafael Nadal will win the French Open, but you need great operators to profitably bet on this outcome.

And in order to do that, each tennis website mentioned on this page is scanned and analysed for your enjoyment.

Live Betting Odds

Online sportsbooks start modifying their closing lines as soon as a game starts based on the outcomes of the play. The same rules apply to point spreads, totals, and some player or team props.

Initially, live betting odds won’t change all that much. The lines will gradually change as time passes (or as baseball outs are counted). When a team exhibits a clear advantage or affects the scoreboard, in-game odds start to vary drastically. Live odds frequently freeze after a significant scoring play, like a touchdown, to allow the bookmaker to respond to the changed circumstances. Before the next crucial play occurs, punters can place a bet after the updated odds are released to reflect the recent event.

Types of Bets in Live Mode

Explore the types of live betting

The three different live betting options are as follows (although the names may vary according to the bookmaker and the region):

Traditional Bets

You are aware of how live betting operates and that it is very similar to conventional betting. When the event starts, the same bets that were available before the game begins will still be available, but the odds will change in real-time to reflect what has happened in the game. There are standard “who will win” bets, as well as additional bets such as over/under (totals), etc.


Different parts of the world have different terms for parlays. They may also be referred to as “accumulators” or “multis” or locations, depending on the sportsbook or location. Parlays hold a special place in the annals of sports betting. There are numerous tales of spectacular parlays that, despite all odds, ended up earning large money. Two recently well-received movies, “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Uncut Gems” both had suspenseful parlay bets at the centre of their climaxes.

Regardless of the name, the principle is simple. A parlay bet combines many bets into a single bet. This is achieved by transferring the winnings from each bet to the next leg of the parlay. For a bet to be considered a winning bet, each “leg” or individual bet in a parlay must be successful.

You might increase your initial bet after the game has started in an effort to profit from your accurate forecast. With in-game betting, several bookies will even let you create completely original parlays, which is the adrenaline’s pinnacle.

Prop Bets

These type, also known as proposition bets, provide you the option to place a bet on a range of different options besides the usual money line, spread, and total. Many props are based on player statistics or game-related events for a single team. Less likely props, like the first TD scorer in an NFL game, will have better odds.

Live Betting via Mobile App

These are the best Indian real-time betting apps in India. The real-time betting sections in all these apps allow mobile app users to utilise the best betting features without any hassle. You’ll also get access to welcome bonuses for betting on the go.

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Live Betting Tips & Strategies

Live betting tips and tricks

If you’re a beginner using live betting services for the first time, keep these few pointers in mind. They can help you maximise your experience and maximise your success in live betting on sports. Here are a few live betting pointers to keep in mind while you’re just starting off!

  1. Know every aspect of your team!
    Making quick decisions and forecasting different events throughout the contest are key components of live betting. Only someone who is an expert in both the teams competing and the sport being played would be able to do this correctly. Your understanding of each player’s abilities will enable you to place more successful live bets and decrease your likelihood of suffering crushing losses.
  2. Be on the watch for cashouts at all times!
    Cashouts give you the option of taking an early profit without running the danger of suffering a loss or of cutting your losses and recovering some of your initial capital. You should always be on your guard as alternative refund options are not available when using sites for live betting in India.
  3. Try to avoid placing too many bets at once!
    A lot of bettors sometimes overdo it and place too many live bets at once. While an experienced bettor with extensive live betting expertise might be able to get away with this, it’s not definitely advised for a novice who might become overwhelmed and screw up some of their bets.
  4. Maintain an eye on your spending limit!
    It’s better to establish a budget before they begin any form of online betting. However, it is incredibly simple to put too many bets and wind up paying more than you intended to, especially with live betting platforms. Therefore, only deposit funds that you’re willing to spend on that live game. Don’t go above your budget and risk losing it!

What Is Important To Remember When You Betting Live?

The fast-paced nature of in-game betting may make it very easy to get carried away if you are not careful. You must keep track of how much money is at stake when putting multiple bets simultaneously. Most people find that keeping track of how much money they have spent on the game is the best way to achieve this, and you’ll be OK. If you are an experienced player and often place multiple bets, you should consider creating an Excel spreadsheet on your laptop to keep track of all the action.

Fortunately, online sportsbooks will take care of everything for you, and a lot of them have great interfaces that let you view a complete list of all of your bets at once. It is strongly urged to pick a website with a well-designed user interface if you plan to place a lot of in-game wagers. Although you should double-check before you start, it is valid for the vast majority of websites that offer in-game betting.


📌 What is live sports betting?

The ability to bet on a game while it’s still being played is known as live betting. It is a betting feature that dramatically enhances pre-match betting and elevates the online betting experience. On other websites, it is referred to as in-play betting.

📌 Are live betting sites legal in India?

In India, live betting sites are just as legitimate as any other kind of betting site.

📌 Are live betting and in-play betting the same?

It may be referred to as in-play or in-game betting depending on the sportsbook. They all refer to betting on an ongoing competition, which is what they all mean.

📌 What is the best live betting website in India?

Live betting is available on almost every betting website to some degree. But when it comes to the live betting service they provide, some betting sites are clearly superior to others.

📌 Can I get a welcome bonus at a live betting site?

Yes, the majority of live betting companies provide new Indian players with a welcome bonus!

📌 How to fund my account on a live betting site?

Money can be deposited on a live betting website in a variety of ways. You can make deposits using e-wallets and other payment methods available in India, including Paytm, PhonePe, UPI, bank transfers, AstroPay cards, and many others.

📌 What makes live betting so popular in India?

The ability to make predictions in real-time is one of live betting’s many advantages. The success rate of live betting is typically higher than that of pre-match betting because you can watch the game and place bets in real time.

📌 What sports can I bet on in the live betting section?

On a variety of sports, live betting is possible. Sports including cricket, football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, and ice hockey are included.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

Raja’s Conclusion


Sports betting is now far more complex, modernised, and pleasant than it used to be thanks to the internet era. Players haven’t even begun to touch the surface. Users will witness even more improvements in live wagering as computing power increases and technology develops. It will become more efficient, intelligent, and thorough. Because live betting has been so successful, bookmakers all around the world are looking for ways to expand their ability to offer sports betting.

As you can see, live betting is a really entertaining form of betting. If you are a sharp bettor who knows how to assess games and sense the flow, you have the potential to be quite profitable at live betting. Make sure you have fully studied this guide and understand the many aspects of live betting and how to implement them. And good luck in the game!