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About Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser by websites you visit. They contain a string of letters and numbers to identify you. They do not contain personally identifiable information but may be associated with personally identifiable data collected by a website.

Cookies are safe for your computer and cannot be used to access or collect any personal information such as passwords, credit card details or bank details. They are only used to improve your experience on the website, for example to identify and correct errors or to provide personalised content.

How Do Cookies Work?

When you interact with a webpage, for example by entering your e-mail address into a contact form, the server converts the information into a cookie and sends it to your browser along with the page. The next time you visit the same website your browser returns the cookie. Cookies are simple software files which cannot harm your computer or interact with your operating system. They do not disclose sensitive information such as passwords, passport details, credit card numbers or personal and banking information.

Type of Cookies We Use uses both session cookies and persistent cookies to improve the user experience. Session cookies store information temporarily when you move from one page to another to avoid having to re-enter information, such as login details. Persistent cookies remain on your computer at all times and are used to identify your device whenever you visit the website. For instance, if you choose a preferred language, a persistent cookie remembers your preference and automatically translates the website into your preferred language each time you visit.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to track your activity on our website, saving you time by keeping track of your previous visits. Cookies also allow us to personalise the platform based on your preferences and interests. Our site only uses cookies to ensure we provide the best possible service to each customer.

How to Refuse or Delete Cookies?

To refuse cookies from our site, you may refuse the use of cookies from your browser and delete the cookies associated with this site stored in your browser. You can do this at any time.

If you choose not to accept our cookies, you may experience some difficulty in using the site and some features may not work properly.

Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome > go to «Menu» > select «Settings» > then «Privacy» > select «Security» > select «Cookies and other site data» > click on «Block all cookies».


  • Launch Firefox > go to «Tools» > find «Options» > select «Privacy» > click on «Disable cookies».


  • Open Safari > go to the menu > select «Settings» > then «Privacy» > click «Block all cookies».


  • Open MS Edge > go to the menu > select «Settings» > click «Site permissions» > select «Cookies and site details» > click «Block all cookies» or add URL of desired site.

What Happens If Cookies are Blocked?

If you block cookies, it will change the way your browser and our website works. We will not be able to store your information or collect data or facilitate your log in or provide you with personalised services, options and advertisements. This means that blocking cookies will have a negative impact on your user experience.

Our site may be updated from time to time which may result in changes to our terms and conditions. We therefore recommend that you check this page regularly to keep yourself informed of any policy changes that may affect your privacy and how you use the site.