List of the Top Darts Bookmakers for 2023

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  2. 888sport


    ₹2,000 for Sign Up

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    Bonus 100% up to 9,000 INR

  5. william hill

    William Hill

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    Bonus 150% Up to ₹30,000

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    Bonus up to ₹176,930 + 150 FS

  8. Jungliwin

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Best Darts Betting Sites by Category

⚖️ Best legal darts betting siteMegapari
🔍 Most trusted betting site for dartsBet365
🏏 Darts betting site for Live StreamingMelbet
📱 Great betting app for darts1Win
💶 Online rupee darts betting siteBetway

Review of Top-3 Darts Betting Sites

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for the top darts betting sites. Everything you need to know about betting on darts in India is provided below. There are now a huge number of darts betting websites and apps. You can select the top darts bookmakers to maintain the excitement and fun of the game.


One of the biggest online bookmakers in the world and a top darts betting site is bet365. Over the years, bet365 has developed its brand to provide a first-rate experience on all fronts. Bet365 checks all the boxes with its wide selection of markets, betting options like payout, dedicated customer service, and top bonuses. There are also common competitive darts betting odds here.

Bet365 has you covered whether you want pre-match markets, live darts betting, or even virtual darts betting. Darts are broadcast live along with other sports including football and horse racing, making it home to the best live streaming schedule of any online sports betting site.

Last but not least, new users frequently receive generous welcome bonuses, so it’s always worthwhile to look at the most recent Bet365 sign-up offer.

888sport logo


One of the most well-known online bookies in India is 888sport, which is known to the majority of sports gamblers. This bookmaker does a good job of covering darts betting with a variety of outright, match, and in-play markets available for the top darts tournaments, along with favourable odds all year round.

Over the years, 888sport has developed a reputation for its top-tier betting app. Even though the majority of sports betting now takes place on mobile devices, the desktop experience isn’t quite as smooth.

Because it combines a casino bonus with a sports betting bonus, the welcome bonus unlocked by 888 promo codes is always alluring. 888 Casino is one of the titans of the Indian online gambling sector.


Betway is the best site for live darts betting. The site delights customers with large welcome bonuses that help make betting on darts more confident.

For the convenience of customers, there are many ways to deposit and withdraw funds, there is also a mobile application that can be downloaded for free.

Main Info About Darts

📅 Featured for the first timeAround 1860s
🏢 Controlling organisationWorld Darts Federation (WDF)
📶 Bookmaker CoverageLow
🎯 EquipmentDartboard, darts
⭐ Worldwide popularityWorldwide
🌎 World championshipWorld Professional Darts Championship
🏆 Olympic disciplineNo
🙋‍♂️ Darts playersUsually 2 players or 2 teams

Choosing a Good Site for Darts Betting

Instructions on how to choose the most suitable site for betting on darts.

As the number of online bookmakers grows day by day, it becomes more and more difficult to choose the right site. Of course, you probably know two or three popular bookmakers that you heard about in advertisements. But in fact, the number of criteria for choosing a darts betting site is much greater. Next, we will consider each criterion separately.


It is best to choose a bookmaker that has at least two years of experience. This is the time required for developers to communicate with customers and fix problems related to the operation of the site or mobile application. For two or more years, a sufficient number of reviews, suggestions and wishes from customers are being collected, thanks to which the developers make adjustments to the work of their site. 

For example, during this time, the list of payment systems with which the darts betting site cooperates can be expanded, which increases the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds. Extensive experience is also a guarantee of the honesty of the bookmaker because scammers would not be able to attract customers with their good reputation for a long time.

Payment Systems

A good online bookmaker works with a large number of payment systems. At the same time, all payment systems must be reliable and verified. If the bookmaker only works with two or three little-known payment systems, then you should choose another operator. Popular and convenient among Indian users are Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay and so on. These are payment systems known all over the world, which guarantee the reliability of transactions. It is best when the bookmaker works with ten or more ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Game Currency

Also, pay attention to the possibility of playing for Indian rupees. If the darts betting site does not accept this currency, then you can lose a lot of money on currency exchange transactions. At the same time, do not forget that payment systems may also charge a commission for making transactions.

Player Reviews

One of the main indicators is player reviews. Look for a bookmaker that has a large number of reviews. This speaks to his popularity. Of course, there are no sites about which there are no bad reviews. Therefore, you should carefully read about the pros and cons of online casinos, especially their reliability and security. It is better to choose a casino with smaller bonuses but with a better reputation and better ratings.

Bonuses for Clients

There can be many bonuses, and they are often huge. But it is worth paying attention not only to the number of bonuses but also to the conditions for receiving them. It happens that you have received a bonus, but you cannot withdraw it until you wager a large amount of money. In such cases, pay attention to a bookmaker with smaller bonuses, but with clearer and easier conditions for receiving them.


The bookmaker’s licence is a guarantee of the honesty of the operator. The licence must be issued by a strict regulator. However, it does not have to be issued in India. The problem with obtaining a licence in India is that gambling is generally prohibited by law. Therefore, many online bookmakers have foreign licences, which does not make them any less secure. Moreover, some sports betting sites operate not only in India but also in other countries, where they could obtain a licence for their work.

We bring to your attention our top most popular darts competitions.

Since its conception, the game of darts has advanced significantly. Millions of fans tune in to watch the world’s greatest players participate in recognized tournaments and championships. What was once a method to pass the time in the trenches of World War I and what for many years was only played in pubs and bars is today appreciated by millions of fans.

PDC World Darts Championship

It is the most prestigious competition held by the PDC. The winner receives the Sid Waddell Trophy, which was created in honour of the darts commentator Sid Waddell, who passed away in 2012. It is regarded as a component of the Triple Crown together with the Premier League Darts and the World Matchplay.

World Matchplay

World Matchplay is a ranking darts tournament held in a leg format, supported by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The tournament is sponsored by various betting companies.

UK Open

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) in England annually hosts the UK Open, a top-ranking darts competition, at the Butlins Minehead Resort. The competition is frequently called the “FA Cup of Darts” because it is accessible to players of all skill levels and has an unseeded open draw made after each round.

Other Darts Tournaments

  • BDO World Darts Championship: Organised by the British Darts Organisation (BDO), this tournament is another major event in the darts calendar. It has historically taken place in January.
  • PDC Premier League: A league-style tournament featuring the top PDC players. It spans several weeks, with players facing each other multiple times during the league stage.
  • PDC World Cup of Darts: A team event where players represent their respective countries. It’s organised by the PDC and showcases national teams competing against each other.
  • Players Championship Finals: The top 64 players from the PDC Players Championship events qualify for this tournament, which serves as the culmination of the Players Championship series.
  • World Series of Darts: A series of international events hosted in different countries, showcasing top PDC players against local talents.
  • The Masters: An invitational tournament featuring the top 16 players from the PDC Order of Merit.
  • World Grand Prix: A unique tournament where players need to both start and finish each leg with a double, adding an extra strategic element to the matches.

How To Make a Bet on Darts Online?


Step 1

Choose a bookmaker and register on the website or in the mobile application.

List of the best bookmakers for betting on darts.

Step 2

Make a deposit and receive a welcome bonus (if any).

To place a bet on darts with a bookmaker, you need to top up your account.

Step 3

Choose a sporting event and place a bet on the outcome you predict.

To bet on darts, you need to select a tournament, match, type and type of bet.

Darts Betting Bonuses

Bonuses for betting on darts depend on the site you have chosen. Most often they are the same as for other sports. Traditionally, the biggest bonus is the welcome bonus, which can reach several thousand rupees. You can read more about the different types of bonuses and promotions here:

Darts Betting Markets

Betting TypeDescription
Match WinnerBetting on the player you believe will win the match.
Correct ScorePredict the exact score of the match (e.g., 10-7, 5-3).
Handicap BettingAdding a handicap to one of the players to balance the odds, especially in matches where there’s a significant skill difference.
Total Legs/SetsBetting on whether the total number of legs (sets) played in a match will be over or under a specified value.
Most 180sPredicting which player will hit the most maximum scores (180s) during the match.
Highest CheckoutBetting on the highest possible check-out score in a match (e.g., 170).
Nine-Dart FinishBetting on whether a nine-dart finish will occur in a particular match.
Player AveragesBetting on whether a player’s average dart score will be over or under a certain value.
To Reach the Final/Quarter-FinalsBetting on whether a player will reach a certain stage of the tournament.
Outright WinnerBetting on the player you think will win the entire tournament.
To Win the Quarter/Top Half/Bottom HalfBetting on which player will progress the furthest in specific sections of the tournament draw.
Special BetsBookmakers often offer various special bets, like predicting the exact checkout score of a particular leg or specific player performance statistics.
Live Betting/In-Play BettingPlacing bets on various markets while the match is ongoing, including predicting the outcome of the current leg or set.
Tournament SpecialsThese can include bets on the number of nine-dart finishes during a tournament, the total 180s hit, or other tournament-specific achievements.

The Best Darts Betting Odds

The best odds for betting on darts change every day. No one can name a site that always has the highest odds. You need to compare the numbers yourself. Fortunately and for the convenience of the players, there are special sites that publish daily odds for sports events from different bookmakers.

Darts Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting and streaming provide a whole new experience in the world of betting. You can bet directly during the game, watching a live broadcast. This really gives the atmosphere of presence at a sports match. Darts fans should really like this format.

Tips & Strategies for Darts Betting

Great tips for getting started betting on darts and winning.

Research Players and Form:

  • Study the players’ recent performances, including their win-loss records, averages, and recent tournament results.
  • Take note of players who are in good form, consistently hitting high scores and winning matches.

Head-to-Head Records:

  • Consider the head-to-head records between players. Some players may have a psychological edge over others.
  • Check how players have performed against each other in previous matchups.

Tournament Conditions and Formats:

  • Different tournaments have different formats and conditions, which can affect player performance. Some players excel in longer formats, while others thrive in shorter ones.
  • Understand how the format of the tournament can impact outcomes, such as the best of sets, legs, or shorter matches.

Venue and Atmosphere:

  • Some players perform better in specific venues or atmospheres. Consider whether the venue favours certain players’ playing styles.

Player Averages:

  • Track players’ average scores per dart, as this can indicate their consistency and ability to hit high scores regularly.

180s and Scoring Statistics:

  • Pay attention to players who are prolific in hitting maximum scores (180s). This can be a valuable market for bets.
  • Consider players’ overall scoring statistics, such as their ability to hit high-scoring segments consistently.

A form on Double Finishes:

  • Check how players perform when finishing on doubles, especially crucial checkouts like 100+.
  • Players who are confident in doubles can be more likely to finish matches effectively.

Injury and Fitness:

  • Like any sport, darts players can be affected by injuries. Be aware of any recent injuries or health concerns that could impact a player’s performance.

Bankroll Management:

  • Set a budget for your betting activities and stick to it. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Avoid chasing losses by placing large bets to recover losses quickly.

Variety in Bets:

  • Explore various betting markets beyond just match winners, such as correct score, most 180s, and highest checkout.
  • Different markets can offer different odds and opportunities for value.

Live Betting:

  • Consider live betting during matches to take advantage of changing odds based on the match’s progress.
  • Watch the game closely and look for momentum shifts that could lead to favourable betting opportunities.

Stay Informed:

  • Keep up with darts news, player interviews, and expert analysis to gather insights that might not be reflected in the odds.

Discipline and Patience:

  • Be patient and selective with your bets. Not every match will offer good value or be worth betting on.
  • Avoid impulsive bets based on emotions or gut feelings.

Bookies for the Best Odds:

  • Compare odds from multiple bookmakers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your bets.
  • Take advantage of promotions and enhanced odds when available.
Payment MethodDescription
Debit/Credit CardsVisa and Mastercard are widely accepted
Net BankingDirect transfers from your bank account
UPI (Unified Payments Interface)Instant payments using UPI apps
E-WalletsPlatforms like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay

What About Darts Betting Apps?

Almost all bookmakers have their own applications for sports betting (football, rugby, including darts). You can download and install them for free.

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  2. 888sport


    ₹2,000 for Sign Up

  3. william hill

    William Hill

  4. 1win icon logo


    Bonus 500% Up to ₹75,000

  5. unibet small logo.


Legendary Darts Players

  • Phil Taylor: Often referred to as “The Power,” Phil Taylor is considered one of the greatest darts players of all time. He dominated the sport for decades and won numerous world championships. Taylor holds multiple records, including 16 PDC World Darts Championships and over 200 professional tournament wins.
  • Eric Bristow: Known as “The Crafty Cockney,” Eric Bristow was a pioneer in the world of darts. He played a crucial role in popularising the sport during the 1980s. Bristow won five World Championships and was a key figure in the early development of professional darts.
  • Raymond van Barneveld: Also known as “Barney,” Raymond van Barneveld is a Dutch darts player who achieved success both in the BDO and PDC circuits. He won multiple world titles, including four BDO World Championships and the PDC World Championship in 2007. Van Barneveld was celebrated for his sportsmanship and contributions to the international darts community.


✔️ Is darts betting legal in India?

Yes, you can bet online on licensed websites.

✔️ What is the best darts team of all time?

Probably every Darts fan has his own answer to this question.

✔️ What is the best betting site for darts?

The list of the best sites is in this review. In general, the best site is the one that suits the player.

✔️ Is there handicap betting in darts?

Yes, this is one of the varieties of bets on this sport.

✔️ How to decide which darts players to bet on?

Analyse the player’s experience and his victories and defeats. Thus, you will be able to choose the strongest.

✔️ What is a 9-dart finish?

A 9-dart finish is a perfect leg in darts, achieved by hitting the starting score of 501 with just nine darts, ending with a double to checkout. It’s the lowest possible number of darts needed to finish a game.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

Raja’s Final Say


In conclusion, it can be noted that the online darts betting industry is quite developed, fans of this sport are provided with a wide choice of bookmakers. Betting on darts online is not only convenient but also profitable due to large welcome bonuses.