Best Valorant Betting Sites for 2023

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What is the reason for the popularity of betting on the game Valorant?

Valorant is a young game, which is gaining momentum every day: young ambitious teams appear, new strategies are developed, more and more predictions are made on this game. And the reasons of betting on Valorant is explained by the following:

  • Beautiful interface. It’s no secret that Riot Games went to great lengths to create such unusual, cartoonish graphics and textures, which are very much liked and pleasing to the eyes of all users;
  • Team Character. Valorant is a strategy where players fight in a 5 on 5 team, which creates quite interesting and entertaining matches, which in turn attracts more bets;
  • Number and quality of tourniquets. This game is only 3 years old, and there are already numerous cybersport tournaments on it, on which bettors can always bet at favourable odds;
  • Simplicity and accessibility. The rules of the game are quite easy to understand for both experienced users and beginners, which makes it even more attractive for betting.

What Are The Best Valorant Betting Sites?

The most popular bookmakers for betting on the game Valorant.

There are many sites for betting on Valorant, but it is important to realise that not all Bookmakers are honest and genuine. Therefore, we have selected only reputable, well-known sites that offer betting without any deception:


Another favoured worldwide bookmaker site that is well established for its competitive odds, live-streaming and wide selection of betting markets for Valorant esports betting fans. And having a licence from Curaçao confirms the safety and reliability of this platform, so users can have peace of mind about their funds by choosing 1Win.

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Bonus 500% Up to ₹75,000
  • High odds
  • Fast withdrawal
  • Low withdrawal limits
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If fast payouts, good bonuses and promotions, simplicity and security are important to you, then 22Bet is an ideal option! This bookmaker covers and gives the opportunity to bet on many cyber sports events: Valorant, Dota 2 and others.

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Deposit Bonus 100% Up To ₹10,000
  • Abundance of great payment methods
  • Fast withdrawal
  • Complicated deposit page
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One of the popular websites that gives you the opportunity to bet on sports and cyber sporting events, including Valorant. The bookmaker offers good odds, a wide range of betting opportunities and generous bonuses for its users.

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  • A huge number of transaction methods
  • Quickest deposit and withdraw
  • Signup process takes a little too long

Crypto Betting Valorant

Crypto betting Valorant is a fairly new and easy way to bet on this cyber discipline using virtual coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. This type of gambling allows players to wager on various events of the hit competitive online video game Valorant. Users can bet on a variety of outcomes: match results, individual player performances, in-game events and more.

The main advantages of this type of betting include: anonymity, faster transaction speeds compared to traditional payment methods and reliability. Users need to use only reliable and licensed Valorant cryptocurrency platforms to ensure safe gaming, which we mentioned above.

How To Choose The Best Valorant Website?

When choosing a bookmaker for betting on Valorant, we advise you to be guided by the criteria below to avoid cheating and other unfavourable consequences for you:


Safety and reliability

First and foremost, you need to understand that you will be providing your personal details when you register to bet on Valorant. This is why we recommend that you check the licence and only use world-renowned bookmakers with excellent reputations;


Customer support

This is the second thing you should pay attention to when choosing a bookmaker. Try to find a bookmaker with 24/7 technical support. It will be even better if you find a platform that offers various ways of contact: via email, various social networks, Telegram bot or live chat;


High odds

After you have dealt with the support service, you need to pay attention to the odds for Valorant betting. Often, various bookmakers attract new users with unrealistically “sweet” odds, thus taking advantage of players’ excitement and cheating them in the future. Therefore, be careful and judicious when choosing.

Why Is It Important To Use a Reliable Betting Site?

Many users fall for very high odds and because of this they do not see the lack of licence and many other things, thus being cheated by various fake bookmakers. However, it should be understood that if you choose a reliable bookmaker for online betting, your money, and most importantly, your personal information will be completely safe, and you will not have to worry about anything, because personal information at a licensed site for Valorant betting is always protected by SSL encryption.

Tournaments For Valorant Betting

Riot Games organises many tournaments every year, on which betting fans can make their predictions at very good odds. Below, you can see the top 3 major championships of this game:

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)The main and perhaps the most global tournament of this game, where the prize pool reaches more than 2 million dollars. Due to the tension, interest, struggle and scale, as well as good odds, this tournament is the best for Valorant champions betting.
Amateur Valorant League (AVL)The AVL tournaments bring together teams from all over the world to compete for glory and the opportunity to show and prove their skills on the VALORANT stage.
Valorant China Evolution Series (VCES)Another exciting league of interesting tournaments from the organisers TJ Sports and Riot Games in Shanghai, which will show you what competition and the desire to win is all about.

Tips For Betting On Real Money Valorant Betting Websites

Useful tips and secrets for betting on the Valorant game.

Before betting on any games, customers are advised to familiarise themselves with them and work out their strategy. That’s why we have picked up 3 tips for novice users that should be considered before betting on Valorant:

  1. Explore the gameplay. It is very rash to bet on something in which you do not have even basic knowledge, so learn about the rules, maps, watch the players of the teams, try to understand the mechanics of the game: timings, economics, etc;
  2. Study the teams you will be betting on and against. Here you need to observe each player of the team, watch their old games in Valorant. Evaluate their playing quirks, compare their game moves, tactics; 
  3. Keep an eye on the gaming scene. The Valorant Esports scene should also be evaluated in this case, where you need to keep up to date with the latest results, form, transfers, squad changes and news coming from the competitive scene of the game. Due to this, you will always know what you have to face if you start using Valorant betting sites more often.

Valorant Betting Sites To Avoid

As well as licensed, honest sites, there are bookmakers offering the opportunity to bet on Valorant that should be avoided. Firstly, we are referring to skin gambling sites, which often include shady, unlicensed betting operators that are not prepared to provide real security. Below, you can see a short list of such sites:

  1. CSGO Suite;
  2. WTF Skins;
  3. Gamdom;
  4. Daddy Skins;
  5. Dat Drop.

Valorant Betting Apps

In order to provide their customers with comfort and accessibility, the best Valorant betting sites offer them full-fledged apps for smartphones and tablets and mobile-friendly websites. Some of them have certain restrictions, usually related to deposit/withdrawal systems. There are apps and websites that help you get the most out of your betting, when using your phone or tablet.

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What NOT To Do On Online Valorant Bookmakers

Now we are going to talk about what not to do and what you should avoid doing at online bookmaker Valorant betting sites.

  • Betting without a second thought on all available matches;
  • Betting with your last money;
  • Create multiple accounts at bookmakers for Valorant Betting.


✔️ What is the best website to bet on Valorant?

Among the many bookmakers that offer the opportunity to bet on Valorant, the best is Betway

✔️ What Are the Biggest Valorant Events to Bet?

VALORANT Champions Tour, AVL and VCES are the biggest Valorant events.

✔️ Is Real Money Valorant Betting Legal and Safe?

Valorant betting is completely safe if you choose reliable licensed bookmakers, preferably well-known and with a great reputation

✔️ Is it safe to use cryptocurrencies to bet on Valorant?

Yes, but using cryptocurrencies when betting is the same as using regular money, so it all depends on the bookmaker’s choice here.

✔️ What’s the Minimum Deposit on Valorant Bookies?

The minimum value varies from $10 to $50.

✔️ What Are the Best Apps for Valorant Betting?

The websites of the various bookmakers are usually adapted to your phone or tablet. We also recommend using the statistics sites: Strafe Esports, “”.

✔️ Can I Register Multiple Accounts on Online Valorant Bookmakers?

You can do this, but it doesn’t meet the rules of any good bookmaker, so as soon as the system realises you’ve done it, all your accounts will be blocked.