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Online cricket betting is not just about luck, as most people think. To place profitable pre-match and live bets and win money, you need to understand every aspect of betting. Although knowledge is something that can help you win, some betting fans and enthusiasts who place huge amounts of online bets every day are not even aware of how important cricket odds are.

Since cricket is believed to be one of the most popular sports among Indian bettors, this article has been created just to help them learn all about free betting cricket odds. In this review, you will find all the information and detailed instructions on what cricket betting odds are, what is the difference between betting cricket odds and live cricket betting odds, how to understand betting odds in cricket, how to calculate cricket betting odds, and much more, and you will also gain a unique opportunity to learn how to analyze live matches and betting offers.

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Cricket Betting Odds Schedule

Explanation of cricket odds

What are the odds in cricket betting, you might ask? Betting odds cricket indicates the probability of a particular outcome of an event from the bookmaker’s point of view. If the game is predictable, the odds on favorites will be low, and consequently, the winnings will be small. The lower the odds (like underdog betting), the higher the odds will be, but the higher the risk.

How to use betting odds?

Unsurprisingly, the key to success in sports betting lies largely in understanding the nature of the odds. And it’s not just about evaluating them, but also about how they are formed, which is particularly important to consider when analyzing an event. As for the direct designation of odds and available alternatives, of course, each player must choose the format that is most understandable and convenient for him. For example, bookmakers in the Asian market often use Hong Kong, Malay and Indonesian.

Undoubtedly an important point is also choosing a reliable bookmaker. We recommend betting only at trusted and legitimate bookmakers.

Why are the odds so important?

Why are the odds so important

To emphasize the importance of getting good odds on your bets, we will show you an example of two different bettors. Suppose we have winners A and B. Both are winners and can pick winning bets at a great price, say 65%. On average, bettor A gets odds of 1.90, while bettor B does some line shopping and gets an average bet of 2.00. Let’s say they want to bet on the IPL this year and bet on 60 games during the season. That would leave them both with an average of about 39 winning bets and 21 losing bets. If they bet ₹5,000 per game, their results would look something like this:

  • Bettor A’s net winnings: 39 * 0.90 + 21 * (-1) = 14,1 * ₹5,000 = ₹70,500
  • Bettor B’s net gain: 39 * 1.00 + 21 * (-1) = 18 * ₹5,000 = ₹90,000

That’s a difference of almost ₹20,000 that you’re missing out on by simply ignoring the line shop. By now you surely understand that getting the best possible odds on your bets should be the most important thing you do regarding online sports betting.

How do you find the best cricket betting odds?

We have effectively referenced the idea of line shopping, however, we will clarify what it involves. It just means the demonstration of glancing around at various sportsbooks generally advantageous “cost” on your bet (otherwise called chances or rates). Very much like you would as a rule look at changed stores at various costs on another vehicle you would purchase or that new calfskin coat. Many won’t simply get it at the first and best spot, however, look at some other stores’ evaluating also to ideally set aside some cash. The equivalent is valid for wagering. At the point when you have a wager you like, you will need to discover where the best chances are consistently and you do as such by line shopping. 

Ideally, you would have cash stored at each cricket wagering website on the web so you generally can check for the best chances accessible whenever you need to put down a bet. Be that as it may, unfortunately, we don’t live ideally, and many are likewise presumably confined by restricted assets accessible now and again which makes this hard. We would consequently keep assets at any rate two wagering destinations, and from that point on add on sportsbooks as your bankroll increments or your requirement for other wagering markets changes.

Where do we find the best cricket betting odds?

Where do we find the best cricket betting odds

The answer to this question is extremely simple – it all depends on the situation. The reason for this boring answer is that it’s actually true. Good odds usually spawn when sports betting sites make a mistake or try to offload some of the big action they got on the other side, so this will happen with varying frequency in different sportsbooks.

However, some betting sites offer better cricket betting than their competitors. Among them, you will find the likes of Pinnacle, 1xBet, Parimatch, Melbet, Bet365, and others. Pinnacle, for example, caters to the professional market and always welcomes pro bettors. They do not offer fancy bonuses and promotions, but rather try to squeeze the lines to their fullest potential, thus making you win more when you are winning your wagers.

How to understand cricket betting odds?

To fully understand sports betting odds, including cricket, you need to understand what they are and how to calculate them. We already told you what odds cricket betting is at the beginning of this review, but how to understand cricket betting odds and calculate it, we’ll tell you right now.

How to calculate cricket betting odds?

How to calculate cricket betting odds

Let’s now understand how to calculate cricket betting odds. Let’s take the match between India and Australia as an example. In each match, you can see the odds for the different outcomes in it that should have been played between these countries. You can bet on India to win, on the match to be drawn, or on Australia to win.

If you bet on India, you can do so at odds of 1.66. This means that if you bet Rs 1,000 on India winning, you will get 1,660 rupees, if India beats Australia – you will get back your bet of 1,000 rupees plus 660 rupees, which is your winnings.

Wager amount x betting odds = Payout: 1000 x 1,66 = 1660

So you simply multiply the bet amount by the odds to find out how much you get after your bet wins.

If you bet 325 rupees on Australia winning, at odds of 4.60, you would get 1,495 rupees if Australia beat India – 325 x 4.60 = 1,495 rupees.

So all you have to do is multiply to find out how much you would get if your bet wins.


Which betting sites offer the best betting cricket odds?

Actually, we would suggest all the betting sites described a little above. We remind you that it will be Pinnacle, 1xBet, Parimatch, Melbet, Bet365, and others. These bookmakers won’t just offer you important chances, yet in addition, highlight offers and markets to guarantee you get a top-quality wagering experience.

How do we find the best cricket betting odds?

The best way to find the best today cricket betting odds is to do your examination into your bookmaker of decision. You should choose a reliable bookmaker who promises not only quick payouts but also odds that will satisfy you.

Is live-streaming accessible for cricket?

Yes, live streaming is accessible for a wide range of matches and competitions on a variety of various bookmakers. Look at our rundown of the best live cricket streaming destinations to see which one suits you best.

Can cricket betting odds change during a match?

Yes, t20 cricket betting odds can fluctuate during a match. Wagering during a progressing game is known as in-play betting or live betting, while the cricket betting odds change as indicated by the situation that transpires. For example, Britain may go into their match as top choices against Pakistan, however, a major twofold century from Babar Azam would mean Pakistan end up well on top in the game. This would abbreviate Pakistan’s cricket wagering chances of winning, while Britain’s would float.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

Raja’s opinion


When you are looking for a betting shop where you can bet on cricket or any sport, you should know exactly what you are betting on. Betting on favorites won’t always result in it returning you a large sum and you can’t be sure that your choice will win. It is therefore crucial that you do your research among those who are playing, their form, and the history of clashes between the teams. From there, you should take a close look at the cricket betting odds in your favorite betting markets.

I sincerely hope that through this review, you have learned all about cricket betting online odds and statistics and now you will bet on cricket with even more pleasure!