Sports betting has become something like a culture. A lot of people around the world bet on their favorite teams, players, and events. There are several sports betting sites of all kinds, and what is most popular today are online bookmakers. We are already close to reaching a point where we have almost more bookmakers than actual bettors.

But jokes aside, it is not at all difficult to find a site that meets the minimum expected of a site of this type, and we will help you in this search by offering some suggestions. It is worth saying that if you are looking for football betting tips that focus mainly on football games, stay with us: it is exactly this type of content that we will share here with you. So we are happy to present you our best football betting tips in 2021

Bet on the Leagues That You Know

The most essential thing in the football betting tips is to know the leagues you are going to bet on. There is no reason to rush and bet your money on everything that comes from the market. We advise you to take a deep breath and take 5 minutes to think and analyze the upcoming matches. After that time, if you are sure that you prediction is correct – you can start winning your money!

Bet on the Markets You’re Familiar With

Bet on familiar market

At least, in the beginning, try to focus on bets from markets that you know deeply. For example, sometimes you may even like the English league and be attracted to placing a bet on it. But do you understand both it and some Indian league? Do you know who are the players are in a good or bad phase? Who is injured and which teams will be missing? This in-depth knowledge is a valuable differentiator in the world of sports betting.

Bet When There Is Value

There is a “cost betting” strategy, but beginners often incorrectly use this approach in betting, which is why they quickly drain the deposit. An overestimated odds are not always a good signal for a conclusion, so we always carefully analyze the rate.

For example, Barcelona is considered one of the strongest clubs in La Liga, so the odds for this team’s matches rarely rise above 1.3. The exception is the confrontation with other major clubs in the face of Real Madrid or Atlético.

If the bookmaker has bet 2 odds on Barcelona’s victory, then don’t rush to place a bet. Perhaps the team has key players injured, so the chances of winning are greatly reduced even against the outsiders of the championship.

Keep a Spreadsheet of All Your Bets

Keep a Spreadsheet of All Your Bets

Most of the players do not track the profitability of their bets. Even if betting is unprofitable, it is difficult for the user to calculate how much money he lost. In addition, the lack of clear accounting does not allow calculating the effectiveness of the strategy, separate good forecasts on rates from bad ones. If you really want to consistently make money on bets, then you need to keep your own bookkeeping.

Take Advantage of Market Biases That May Exist

After choosing a match, you need to make a profitable bet. It should be remembered that the professionalism of the player is expressed not in the desire to win today, but in the desire to make a profit in the long term. Many players bet on the most likely event, but such a bet will not bring additional profit.

To determine a profitable bet, evaluate the probability of an event and compare the expectation, which is calculated as a probability and a coefficient. Where it is larger, there is a higher profit.



After a serious debate, our football experts have identified five must-see free football betting tips for more assertive sporting prospects. Take advantage of these tips, our experts apply them all year round:

  • Take advantage of bonuses from sports betting sites
  • Assess the real motivation of the teams involved
  • Read the sports news to know the teams’ shape moment
  • Analyze the specific skills of each team
  • Determine the interest of the odds offered by your bookmaker


Finding the best bookmakers to use the football forecast obtained is essential for you to make the most of your betting tips to the fullest. It doesn’t matter if your tactic is focused on multiple bets, systems, or single bets, knowing where to find the best betting conditions.

This starts with the offers that the houses offer, that is, the bonuses that will be applied to your guesses for today’s games and other future events. More important than that, however, are the odds with which the houses work and, of course, know that they are international bookmakers that also operate in India, whether offering the Champions League or even other sports.

The Indian public can count on some bookmakers with great odds and conditions, including 888sport, Pinnace, and 1xBet, for example. These are especially interesting for those who are going to combine two or more bets into one, composing the so-called multiple bet. The most interesting thing about any multiple bet that will use your soccer prognosis selection is the fact that the odds are much higher than those of simple football bets since the odds will not be added up, as would happen in a single bet, but multiplied.

When it comes to effectively using your soccer prognosis, be sure to explore the entire market that involves football betting, as betting only on the final result in a simple way is just the surface of everything that is possible to do with your guesses today games. See the possibility of placing combined bets, trying to predict, for example, the result and also the number of cards for both sides, or else who will hit the most corners in each half and so on.



Our expert team brings together specialists from different backgrounds, sports fans, very experienced in betting. This allows us to have a 100% professional editorial team, capable of offering the best possible forecasts.

Sports enthusiasts in general, even if specialized in certain modalities, our tipsters are constantly working to make progress in all areas, always with the intention of presenting them with the most valid tips. To go further in-game analysis, statistics and results, our tipsters guarantee you support at all times in any sport.


Each bookmaker works with its own market and also with specific events. Generally, the major European leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Europa League, and Champions League are covered, but if you are interested in more specific championships, such as the Danish league, Turkey, or even national and continental cups, you can start your search from there. Remember that it is the operator who has to meet the needs of customers who want to bet on football and not the other way around. Bankroll management, administration of bonuses, and playing itself should be the client’s responsibilities.


To bet on football you need to select a betting site that accepts football betting then find the appropriate market and place your bet. Do not forget to complete the registration process and make your first deposit.


The betting tip is advice from an experienced gambler that says you how to avoid losses and how to bet in the right way. Moreover, sometimes it is an expert opinion on the outcome of the match.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

Raja Danish opinion


Never forget that almost every player is in the red: some of their own free wills, others out of ignorance, not knowing how to take control of the raging emotions. And only a considerable part turns the game into a source of income – those who do not pursue immediate winnings but pay more attention to analysis and self-development.