Cricket is a team sport with a huge following. This is due primarily to the high popularity of cricket in India, where more than a billion people live, and thanks to Indian fans, according to some sources, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. Matches take place all year round and the betting opportunities are almost endless. Of course, within the framework of this article, we will not describe all the rules of cricket. This will require a whole series of articles. Bettors who are interested in this sport can easily find information about cricket and its varieties on the Internet. Our task is to tell you about the basic principles of betting on this sport, to demonstrate that you can earn as good money on cricket bets as on football, hockey, basketball, and tennis betting.

The phrase “newbies are lucky” does not work in the case of cricket. The more knowledge you have about the rules of the game and the influencing factors, the higher the chance of your victory. Therefore, We have compiled a list of expert cricket betting tips free: factors that you need to pay attention to in order to make money on bets:

  • Statistics of the latest matches. This criterion will allow you to understand what form the teams are in at the moment and what can be expected from them;
  • Head-to-head confrontation. In the last games between teams, you can always identify any patterns that you should definitely play on, since they are repeated over and over again;
  • Weather. This criterion largely influences the duration of the match. You cannot play in the rain, but in the heat, it is very difficult. In addition, in some countries, the sun can set much earlier, which can stretch an already long match for extra days. So, if you are faced with an unexpected increase in match hours, then it is worth examining your opponents in terms of what results they show in such situations;
  • Field. Different stadiums may have completely different field coverage. For example, in Adelaide and Cape Town the pitch is very slow, which allows the bettor to react and hit the ball more accurately. In addition, do not forget that the factor of the home field plays a huge role because this adds confidence to the owners and they feel the support of the stands;
  • Motivation. This criterion is the most important since there are games in cricket where the favorite can give up the slack and simply drain the match if he does not see the point in winning from a tournament point of view. The outsider, in turn, can easily and simply celebrate the victory if he is motivated in it;
  • Latest news in the media. Make sure to check latest news about cricket and place bets wisely with this additional knowledge.

A fairly large number of cricket betting strategies have been developed, but most of them are not encouraging with their effectiveness, because in this discipline there is some element of unpredictability, which will make it very difficult for you to play flat.

However, one interesting betting strategy can be identified. At the same time, it works on a fairly understandable and logical pattern, which consists of a simple toss of the right of the first innings in a match of equal opponents. The point is that before the start of the match, the referee tosses a coin, choosing the team that will be the first to attack the opponent. You will need to bet on the victory of the team that will attack first.

What’s the point? Yes, the fact that in almost 70% of matches the team that attacks first wins, and there is a logical explanation for this. It consists of the fact that the teams will play up to 80 overs with the same ball. Just imagine the state of the shell by over 80. Of course, as long as he is safe and sound, it will be easier for him to control and throw, but when he is already pretty worn out, it will create some difficulties. As practice shows, the next attacking team will have such difficulties.


Today match prediction for cricket

Some players are very skeptical about predictions, considering the latter to be something like shamans and charlatans. Is it so?

At the heart of any prediction for sports is statistics – it is she who forms the primary opinion about the results of an upcoming match or meeting. What factors do specialists pay attention to first of all? The current form of the teams – you need to view the last 5-7 matches and not only the final results but also how he was achieved. It is important to take into account the personal meetings of the opponents. It is no secret that there are traditionally inconvenient rivals for each other who show atypical results in personal meetings. It is also important what tournament tasks the opponents solve in each specific match. Also, significant factors for predictions are such components of the game as coverage, time of year and day, weather conditions, refereeing staff of players’ injuries, coaching staff, and the general atmosphere in the team. Please note that here we are not considering the so-called action of third parties, for example, match-fixing, the results of which cannot be analyzed. Some of the above factors that are taken into account in the prediction, we will describe in more detail below.


What do you need to look out for first in order to win? These are obvious factors that play a big role in the outcome of a match. You shouldn’t let them out of sight. If you do not know what factors are in question, then below we described it in more detail.


Weather matters much more to cricket than to many other sports because cricket cannot be played in rainy weather. There is even a special Duckworth-Lewis method that determines the result of a cricket match in non-standard weather conditions. Therefore, be sure to check the weather forecast before placing your bets. First of all, the duration of the match depends on this. For example, if you see it raining during the day, the game will be shorter. And the shorter the game, the more important the draw is. So, don’t overlook this factor when betting. 


Time plays a big role in the match. Namely, light lighting. In some countries, the sun sets earlier than in others, and there are not many opportunities to replenish playing time. Somewhere in Sri Lanka, daylight hours may simply not be enough to finish the game for several hours lost due to rain, while in England the sun sets late, and at eight o’clock in the evening the teams may still be on the field.

This again suggests that you need to study the place where the match you are going to bet on will take place.


The game takes place on a grassy field, in the center of which there is an earthen area where the game takes place. The surface of the ground and its coverage may be different in each location. And of course, the surface has a big impact on the game and its results, the speed of the ball. It all depends on the length of the lawn, because in some places it is long, while in other places it is short. Also, the coating can vary in moisture, which in turn also affects the speed of the ball. Humidity depends on the region in which the match is taking place. So pay attention to this. And of course, the location of the match for the team plays an important role. For example, many teams play much more confidently on their own field, at least because the players are accustomed to the field, the surface, and the coaches form the team so that the players feel comfortable on their field.


And one more important factor that influences the results of the game is the state in which the team enters the match. Do not forget that each team has its own characteristics, characteristics, pay attention to the composition, whether all players will play. For example, if a team wins in a big series, then most likely in the future it will also play confidently and can easily defeat rivals. If a successful player has lost in the past two matches, then there is a chance that he may be defeated in this match as well. In general, remember that there are many factors and in order to objectively assess the possible outcomes of the game, it is necessary to be able to analyze and generalize all the factors.


The cricket betting odds

We strive to help players with our expert cricket betting tips free. But in addition to the free betting tips cricket described above, the bookmaker that you choose for bets plays an important role. There are many factors that affect the reliability of a club, but odds are one of the most important. Of course, the higher the odds, the better. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a reliable legal club with good odds. We will help you with this problem. And we will suggest clubs with good odds that you can trust, for example, 10Creek, Leo Vegas or 22BET. In addition to the fact that the clubs have licenses from top organizations, they have high-quality sites, great opportunities for betting, as well as convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds.


The Indian Premier League (we are talking about cricket) is one of the coolest sports tournaments on the planet. It’s also two crazy months for bettors. This is how long the championship lasts. We are interested in helping users to make a successful bet, so we pay a lot of attention to IPL. You can read high-quality IPL predictions to make money on it. Predictions are published long before the start of the League, so you will have time to study all the information, choose a quality club with high odds, and enjoy the game.


The IPL predictions that you find here are not just subjective opinions. Each prediction is based on statistics, analysis of reports, time-consuming calculations, so this is an expert opinion that you can trust and which will help you get the most out of your betting profit and pleasure.


How tipsters can help in cricket betting?

The predictions are made by experts in betting and cricket. Experts study the statistics of all past matches, take into account all factors, analyze the numbers, as a result, the predictions are accurate. Moreover, the work of such experts is controlled by the sites for which they work. And when waiting for any site, it is important that its reputation is at a high level.

​How to succeed in cricket betting?

An important rule of thumb in cricket betting is awareness. Study the rules of the game, teams, locations of games before placing a bet. And don’t risk large sums and unusual rates in the beginning.

​How long will it take to withdraw the amount from your account?

Each club has its own rules. It all depends on the club and the chosen payment system. As a rule, the websites contain the approximate time for withdrawal of winnings.

​How can you recover a lost bet on cricket?

Predictions that increase the likelihood of winning can help with this.

​How can you be sure that tipsters offer genuine predictions?

These are experts who provide not just a subjective opinion, but predictions are based on long-term calculations and analysis.

​How cricket match betting tips help in matching the wavelength of bookies?

It is based on calculations and sophisticated analysis done by experts who are paid for accuracy.

How can I win the next IPL bets?

Use our free betting tips cricket from the article above and predictions to make a profit.

​​Is it necessary to become an expert before playing online cricket betting?

No, today’s cricket match betting tips free from our article and current predictions will help you figure it out.

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