Betting Terminologies

Cricket is a fantastic sport where players can bet legally as it offers a wide range of options and allows punters to wager online. You should know that it can last for one day or consecutive five days. These days, online cricket betting has gained incredible popularity due to several betting sites available over the internet, which have explained the entire process of online betting.

These betting platforms provide users with information regarding different strategies, betting odds work, and famous cricket bets. To help you understand the terminology of betting, here is a list of terms that players must know before placing their bets on cricket matches.

1st Over Total Run

In this, the bettor has to forecast whether the runs scored during the first over will be below or above the specified limit Fixed by the betting bookmaker.

1st Wicket Method

In this term, the bettors have to forecast how will the first wicket be taken? Usually, there are six different ways by which one can take a wicket that includes stumped, caught, run out, LBW, bowled, and others.

A Full Or Half-Century Need To Be Scored During The First Innings

Generally, there are two forms of betting markets, where one can wager without any hassle. This form of betting is based on the number of runs scored during the first innings. However, there are only two possible bets that one can place: Yes or No. You should know that these kinds of bets are only offered in test matches.

A Full Or Half-Century Forecasted To Be Scored During The First Match

This form of betting also includes two kinds of the betting market. Moreover, it will consist of the entire market that means players can place their bets using this terminology in any match of cricket. You should know that the numbers of full centuries and half centuries plays a vital role in this form of a bet. Mostly, it is provided in T20 matches.

Batsman Matches

Both the batsman and the betting provider form an imaginary competition between them, and the person with the highest numbers of runs scored throughout the match wins the competition.


There are two or more winners in this prediction that mean if two batsmen have scored equal runs, then this certain rule is applied, and the total bet amount will be separated into two half.

Draw No Bet

This form of betting is placed when there is a chance that the match is likely to get a draw. You should know that there are only two possible outcomes in this betting market.


This kind of betting is offered in those sports events, which are going to take place in the coming future.


In this form of betting, the bookmaker will place the bets on both sides, which is done to eliminate the chances of losses even after if you have lost the entire bet.

Highest Opening Partnership

It is one of the exciting betting form, where the betting market deals in a partnership with the highest runs scored.


This term is used when the predicted bet is an easy and quick win.

Man Of The Match

In this type of betting, bettors have to predict the performance of a player throughout the match.

Most Match Sixes

In this form of bet, players predict which cricket team will score more sixes throughout the match.

Most Run-Outs

This form of the forecast is based on the numbers of run-outs taken by a team in the whole match.


Players have to place a bet on the total run scored in the entire match will be less or more as predicted by the betting providers.

Point Spread

In this betting market, players have to choose a team that is likely to defeat the rival team based on strength.

Series Score

In this betting market, wagers are placed on the likely outcomes of the matches, which still need to be played in the entire series.

To Win The Match

Bet is placed on that team, which is likely to win the match.

To Win The Toss

Players have to predict a team, which is more likely to win the toss.

Top Match Batsman

In this form of betting, players can place their bets on the batsmen of both teams, who will score more runs throughout the match.

Top Team Batsman

Players can wager on the batsmen of a certain team, who will score the highest number of runs throughout the match.

Top Team Bowler

Bettors have to predict which bowler will take the highest wickets in the match.


This form of betting is placed on a particular team, which is likely to lose the match.


This means getting the best out of betting odds on a certain bet.

The Final Verdict

Betting on cricket matches is considered incredible for gambling enthusiasts as it allows you to make a tremendous amount of money.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

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Plenty of betting websites have improved their services to provide this form of online cricket betting to help them earn an incredible amount of money. With technology advancement, players can now understand the actual gameplay and predict the odds; the betting platform will provide essential tips on the working of online cricket betting and provide an insight about where to bet your money.

Moreover, online betting websites will provide all the vital information about cricket sport, news stats, live scores, teams’ current scenario, and unique features. These days bookmakers offer an extensive list of cricket betting markets, betting news betting on test matches, T20s, or ODIs cricket matches. However, the most preferred cricket betting market might include a man of the game, number of boundaries, highest run, series winner, most wicket taken, match outcome etc.