Handicap betting is the best way to make the sporting event even more interesting as it makes winning bets difficult and provides players with a great rush of adrenaline. You should know that in handicap betting, a team needs to score more than another group to win the whole game.

This kind of bet is generally placed when a team is far more professional and experienced than the other, allowing you to determine the clear winner and not provide you with incredible thrill. But to spice the game, the weaker team is provided with an advantage, which makes the game even more interesting as it allows the only team with a great challenge to surpass the handicapped team to win the game.

You should know that in handicap betting, every odd is fixed by the bookie but rates can fluctuate during the match, depending upon the money is at stake on each side of the market. Players should know that the terms of handicap can change at the time of live betting depending upon the current match score.

In What Sports Handicap Betting Can Be Used?

In What Sports Handicap Betting Can Be Used

Though handicap betting is used in soccer games most of the time as it is one of the most popular sports, handicap betting is not limited to some games. There are several other games where you can use handicap betting to make betting even more enjoyable.


In tennis, handicap betting can be used either on the sets or the whole game, in which all games are considered in the entire match to calculate the outcome, which might not be similar to the winner of the whole game.


In rugby, handicap betting is applied on the point scored, in which a team will begin the game with some advantage, which might not benefit the whole game due to the high-scoring nature of the entire game. 


In this game, you can use handicap betting on the rounds played by the golfers.

No Draw Handicap Betting

Are you looking for a form of bet where only loser and winner are announced throughout the whole match? Consider the option of using no-draw handicap betting, which is one of the best for your wagering purpose. You should know that no-draw handicap betting will eliminate the chances of getting a tie, guaranteeing a winner regardless of the final results. To eliminate the chances of getting a draw, bookmakers use 0.5 while calculating handicap betting marks.

Asian Handicap Betting

This type of handicap betting is popular among the players placing their bets in Asia. You should know that it is an alternative to no-draw handicap betting, as this Asian handicap betting does not allow the tie to happen, making it even more appealing to players living in Asia.

Moreover, this type of bet is specially designed to eliminate the chances of having a tie at the end of a match and offer bettors only two types of possibilities: win or lose. Players should know that Asian handicap betting also provides users with the option to split handicap bets, where you can easily place quarter, half, or whole numbers quoted according to your selections.

Moreover, this form of betting allows players to cover some amount of their total bet instead of losing it at one time. For example, if team A is quoted with  -1 or -1.5, that means if team A wins the whole game with two or more goals, you will lose your whole bet. But in the case of team A wins by one goal, that means you will be able to win half of your bet stake rather than losing it all at once, and your bet will split into two chances.

Three-Way Handicap Betting

Three-way handicap betting is a contradictory situation to the mentioned handicap betting types in which gamblers have the opportunity of placing their bets on tie options. It makes the game even more challenging and thrilling, which means players will have an incredible rush of adrenaline.

Handicap League Betting

Handicap league betting is one of the most common handicap betting forms offered by almost every major platform across the globe, along with a wide variety of sports, usually at the beginning of the league. Handicap league betting provides bettors with an equal opportunity to every team, which equalizes winnings that helps create a competitive betting market.

In this type of handicap league betting, the team determined to lose from your favorite team will be provided with a head start. It means your favorite team has to score more than the other to win the bet. After one season is finished, the head start will be considered in the league table, and the point will count to find the winner.

The team with higher points will win the match, provide users with an incredible betting experience, and make a tremendous amount of money. One should know that several betting sites offer this kind of handicap betting and allow users to spice up their betting experience. It is recommended to choose the best betting website, which will provide you with various betting options and enable you to benefit from all of them.

The Final Verdict

Every betting website usually offers handicap betting. Though it might look confusing at first, it will make the betting business even more thrilling and give a team a better head start. Now, you know what handicap betting is, so start placing your bets to experience the thrill of handicap betting.

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