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What is Dafabet?

Specialising in a diverse range of betting activities, the platform offers enthusiasts the opportunity to engage in strategic sports betting on popular events like football and cricket. Simultaneously, it caters to those seeking the thrill of chance in casino games such as slots and poker.
Dafabet’s commitment to legality is not just a formality; it’s a foundational principle. It ensures that the act of placing a bet is not merely a gamble but a calculated and informed decision within the bounds of the law. As a result, users can immerse themselves in the excitement of online betting, confident in the legality and security of their chosen platform.

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Dafabet’s legality in India is subject to regional variations. While online betting laws fluctuate across states. In states without explicit prohibitions, using this platform may be legally permissible. 

Users must stay updated on their state’s current regulations and comply with the local laws regarding online betting to ensure a lawful experience. Always check the latest legal status and terms on Dafabet’s official website for the most accurate information.

The platform operates within the bounds of the legal framework, ensuring compliance with the evolving landscape of online gambling regulations in India. One key aspect contributing to Dafabet’s legality is its commitment to implementing robust security measures. By prioritising user data protection and financial transaction security, the company aims to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for Indian bettors. 

Furthermore, Dafabet’s compliance with responsible gambling guidelines play a role in its legal status. By promoting responsible gaming behaviours and measures to prevent issues like addiction, the platform demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of its users.

It’s important to note that Dafabet’s legality can also hinge on its collaboration with regulatory bodies and adherence to licensing requirements. By obtaining the necessary licences and approvals, the platform establishes itself as a lawful and regulated entity within the Indian online betting landscape.

Which States Dafabet Is Allowed or Banned?

Dafabet’s legal standing in India varies by state. While it operates within the legal framework in some regions, bans are imposed in others due to state-specific regulations. Users must be mindful of the diverse regulatory landscape governing online betting across Indian states.

Gambling is prohibited in the state of Telangana. Residents of the state should be aware of and abide by local legal restrictions. However, as in other parts of India, this ban does not apply to foreign online betting sites such as Dafabet. So, technically, residents of the state can access and use Dafabet.

The legality of the Dafabet in Andhra Pradesh, like many other Indian states, falls into a legal grey area. The state has implemented strict regulations prohibiting gambling. Users are advised to refrain from engaging in any online betting activities to comply with local laws.

This state also has a ban on online gambling activities. Users in Karnataka state are advised to follow the local rules and check for updates or changes to the rules from official sources. However, due to the growing popularity of online betting in the state of Karnataka, there have been discussions about lifting this ban.


✔️ Is Dafabet an Indian company?

No, this platform is not an Indian company. It is based in Makati, Philippines, and operates internationally as a subsidiary of AsianBGE.

✔️ Is Dafabet safe to use or not for Indian bettors?

Dafabet is generally considered safe, provided users comply with local laws. The platform prioritises security measures to ensure a safe betting experience.

✔️ Is the Dafabet app legal in India?

The legality of the app in India depends on the user’s location. Users should verify the app’s compliance with local regulations.

✔️ Is Dafabet withdrawal safe in India?

Dafabet emphasises secure transactions, making withdrawals generally safe. Users should follow proper procedures and adhere to terms and conditions.

✔️ Is Dafabet real or fake?

Dafabet is a legitimate online betting platform with a substantial presence globally, offering a range of sports and casino games.

✔️ Where is Dafabet legal in India?

Dafabet is generally legal in India, except in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, where online betting is reportedly banned. Users should verify the platform’s status in their specific state due to potential changes in online gambling regulation

✔️ In which countries is Dafabet legal?

The platform is operational in multiple countries worldwide, but the legal status can vary. Users should check the official site or local regulations for accurate and updated information.