Betting or gambling is illegal in some countries and some states. Even from India, in some states betting is completely illegal, whether it is sports or casinos. So is betting legal in India?

  • Yes! It is illegal if you are betting legally offline, but it is legal to bet online from India, and millions of people are doing it.
  • There is a loophole in the Indian law about legal betting in India that there are no laws about legal betting in India.

But! My fellow bettors do not be disheartened because there is no law in India -that prohibits Online gambling or betting legal on sports like cricket and horse race.

This is the loophole every offshore betting site is exploring, betting legal in India. 

Are legal betting sites in India? Yes, because of these offshore betting legal sites that operate in India from the offshore of India. So you can place your legal betting on sports on any site you want and on any of your favorite fixtures/matches. I will suggest some legal betting India sites in India that are trustworthy, industry leaders, and it is safe to place even enormous amounts of bets.

If we look at some of the other countries to see how they are dealing with betting in particular:

  • United Kingdom: The updated united kingdom betting legal laws include legal regulations for the internet betting legal sector. It is easy to place legal betting sites in India on sports or casino or poker or lottery-style games, and the United Kingdom gambling commission regulates it. So it is legal in the United Kingdom, just like it is legal betting in India.
  • Australia: The interactive Gambling act in 2001 legalized online betting legal in India, Australia. Just like it is betting legal in India
  • New Zealand: Betting legal on Cricket and other sports is legal in New Zealand.
  • South Africa: Offering gambling services online and betting legal online on sports or casinos is illegal.

In the Indian subcontinent, it is illegal to be betting legal in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, but if the legal betting sites in India are situated in offshore countries, then it is legal betting on sports. Millions of people from India are betting legally on different online betting sites and making a fortune. Join them and start winning legal betting in India!

Is Betting on cricket legal in India

The sport that everyone from Southeast Asia goes crazy for is Cricket. Cricket is an exciting game, and it can get more exciting when betting legal in India on cricket and horse race.

India has been the international champion of Cricket sport for many years. Every Indian goes crazy during the season of cricket. There is an Indian Premier League or ipl tournament in India that covers millions of bets every year. IPL is huge in India.

There are some websites and apps that take millions of bets on Cricket. Bet365 is one of them. Bet365 makes betting legal on cricket, football, tennis, basically any kind of live sports as well as casino and roulette and stuff.

It is absolutely legal to betting legal India on cricket.

  • Download and install. Just download, install and go to the bet365 app.
  • Sign in. Login or register with your credentials
  • Choose a game. Select the fixture you want to bet on
  • Select amount. Type in the amount you want to bet.
  • Start betting. Keep betting and win a lot of money.

As mentioned above, making cricket betting legal in India from bet365 is easy, and anyone can do it! So what are you waiting for? Is betting legal in India? Absolutely! It is legal to bet on cricket from India, so download and install the bet365 app on your phone and start Betting legal from India!

When will online betting be legalized all over the world?

Online betting is already legal in almost every country on the map. Just a few ones do prohibit all kinds of betting, but that’s probably not where you live if you are reading this. Some of the popular countries where there’s Betting legal, and they bet millions of dollars every year.

For example:

There is no US federal law against legal betting online. So, you can legally place betting legal online. However, legal betting on sports must not be placed on a business that operates their business from inside of the United States. In the US, It is the same as betting legal in India.

It is absolutely legal to be betting legal in Canada, as long as the website you’re betting on is operated from within the country or province and holds a valid online gambling license issued by the federal government, which pays taxes every year. Just the opposite of legal betting India in India.

It is not legal betting in India, but in terms of online betting, the situation changes because, just like the US, If the bookies you are betting legally on is situated within the country or operating from within the country, then it is illegal for them to be conducting business. But if the business is offshore, then it is absolutely safe to be legally betting India India.

Best online betting legal sites in India

The internet is filled with scams and false advertising. But amongst them, there are some businesses that do their operations safely, which is good for both parties concerned. Some of those businesses started legal betting on sports. In my research, I have found several sites that are actually trustworthy and actually pay up!

  • Firstly there is Betway. Betway offers the biggest welcome offer in all legal betting India markets, which is around 30,000 rupees. Betway is one of the oldest bookies that still take legal betting in India. However, they are newly operating in India. My guess is that they saw the potentiality of Indian bettors betting legal in cricket, and they wanted a share of it.
  • Then there’s 10CRIC. 10cric allows mostly the Indian legal betting India players. There are 20,000 rupees for Indians in 10cric as a joining bonus. 10cric mainly targets Indian players. They are operating within India. They also give out a generous amount of bonus to keep the players on their legal betting site. 10cric has a wide range of deposit systems, so betting legal in India is so easy.
  • ComeOn. Comeon is a great legal betting India service overall. They don’t have much betting legal India market share, but sometimes the less popular sites make us so much money. As a joining bonus, Comeon gives you up to 10,000 rupees.
  • And of course, the famous Bet365- World-renowned betting legal brand bet365 offers over 5,000 rupees as joining bonuses and betting legal credits. Bet365 is the king of all mobile legal betting sites in India. They give out huge bonuses to their loyal players, and once you move up to the stairs in bet365, you never have to look back again. Be responsible while betting legally, and you can earn a ton of money from bet365.
  • Also, Dafabet- One of the least popular but legit betting legal sites in India, Dafabet offers you merchandise worth over 30,000 rupees to join and legal betting sites in India with them regularly!
  • There’s 1xBet- A peculiar betting legal website in India that pays 7500 rupees for joining, and they also offer a cash delivery system.
  • There’s Casumo- This mind-blowing, completely legal betting site in India offers a 3,000 rupees free bet on your favorite game in your 1,000 rupee deposit. A generous offer, to be honest.
  • And 22Bet- 22bets is also very least popular among this least but included here because they have a very good collection of Cricket Betting legal in India.


Is Bet365 legal in India in 2021?

Yes, bet365 is completely legal in India 2021. There are very few countries like Vatican city where online betting is strictly punishable. Unless you live in those states, it is very legal betting on sports.

Can I withdraw money from Bet365 in India?

Yes, It is very easy to withdraw your money or winnings from bet365. You can withdraw your money at any time you want, but you must meet the minimum amount of rupee to withdraw in your preferred method. To clarify, you need to withdraw a minimum of rupees.

What is the minimum amount of deposit I have to make in Bet365?

400 rupees. You will need to deposit at least 400 rupees to start betting legally with bet365. You can earn a lot more than that using that 400 rupees.

Can you have 2 Bet365 accounts?

The answer is NO. Bet365 is strict with their one account per person rule. Even if you try creating a second account, however, If you get caught, your account will be frozen, and you will not be able to make a withdrawal of your deposit or winnings.

Raja Danish is a sports journalist and chief author of Betraja Raja Danish

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Much like first-world countries, India also doesn’t have any restrictions on online betting. There aren’t any laws that mention the legality of placing bets online in the country. There are countless online platforms in India to provide online betting. 

But I recommend you double-check any gambling website that you come across on the internet. Betway, 10CRIC, ComeOn, Bet365, Dafabet, 1xBet, Casumo, 22Bet are some of the legal and most secure gambling platforms and India you will find. They are also some of the best providers of betting experience in any given sport.